29 Best Futureproof Upcoming Business Ideas In India [2023]

If you’re looking to start your own business, you’re in luck. India is a hotbed of opportunity, with an economy that is growing more quickly than ever.

There are many profitable side business ideas available, no matter what your interests or skills may be. For entrepreneurs and startups, here are 29 upcoming business ideas in India:

29 Best Upcoming Business Ideas in India

1). IoT (Internet of Things) Industry

The internet of things implies that each item that is being used by individuals has a web network for getting information. has a web network for getting information. Mckinsey gauges that the IOT will have the expected development and will have an economic effect of $11.1 trillion by 2025.

The best example of this is the Ola, Uber, or Lyft taxi administration, where you get a momentary ride. Climate control systems and TV are connected to the web to outdo administrations through web development in the creative area, which makes this business extremely worthwhile. This is one of the new business ideas with an amazing future for 2025 or 2030.

2). Online grocery store

The online grocery store is a great solution and is estimated to grow at a 30% annual rate. This is because the state of the economy has no effect on the purchase of groceries.

To start, an individual needs a website that offers every grocery item. This website must be user-friendly so that users can quickly log on, select the necessary items, and make payment to complete the order. You can start with basic grocery products such as bread, cereals, milk, biscuits, etc., and as your network and customer base grow, you can include products from the toiletries and cosmetics category.

3). Smart Dustbin With Free Wi-Fi

This is another of the various new businesses in India with a promising future. The smart dustbin can generate free Wi-Fi signals as you fill it with a sufficient amount of waste. The popularity of this idea is certainly rising with socioeconomic changes and technological innovations. It is useful in both the domestic and public domains.

Caterers and event planners are using smart bins to provide value-added services to their customers. You can design your own smart dustbin or work as a trader.

4). Online reputation management

That day won’t be far away when physical presence will be taken over by online presence. There were days when people worried about how they carried themselves—what they wore, their manners, their social skills, their hospitality, etc. Reputation was dependent on physical appearance.

However, today, with each passing day, people are becoming more virtual, and having a strong online presence is important. Based on a person’s online presence, judgements are made. This leads to the need for online reputation management, one of the most lucrative opportunities for businesses in the future.

5). 3D Printing

The applications of 3D printing are numerous. Be it in the fields of manufacturing, arts, crafts, architecture, or medicine. In recent years, it has developed astonishingly. These are undoubtedly profitable business ideas in India, considering the market’s demand.

6). Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the latest technological innovations that is significantly disrupting several fields of business.

Therefore, starting a business related to virtual reality accessories or gaming is one of the most lucrative new business opportunities in India for any entrepreneur and has the potential to be extremely profitable.

However, the important thing to keep in mind is that this business idea requires a large-scale investment.

7). Content writer and blogger

If you have a strong command of your writing and reading skills, you can utilise your skills very easily to get yourself a decent income. Not just in India but all around the world, it has become a profitable business. You get paid for each word you write for your clients. The best part of being a content writer is that you can start it without investing any money. If you are confident in your writing skills, you can start your career as a content writer or blogger.

8). Social media consultant

Mass media has become an intrinsic part of marketing. Every organisation, authority figure, business, and magnate places a great importance on their reputation and goodwill in the market, which creates opportunities for social media consultants. Consultants handle their social media profiles and projects, express the ideas of their clients, and thereby earn a handsome amount while handling things at home.

9). Warehouse or inventory management for e-commerce

E-commerce has been growing quickly. For e-commerce stores, the warehouse management company would provide fulfilment. Instead of setting up an e-commerce store, setting up their distribution channels, purchasing a fleet of trucks, and renting warehouses to store the goods, this company would do everything for them. This is a larger-scale business idea, but it also has the potential to make a lot of money.

10). DDOS Cyber-Attack Prevention Security Company

DDOS attacks are becoming a common threat to some Indian businesses. As internet speeds increase worldwide, more and more hackers are going to target companies. You can create a company that can identify the attacks and prevent them before they happen. Although some companies are already doing this, there is still a lot of room to make money in this industry. It is a medium-cost business, as you’ll need server space, software, and the coding needed to create a DDOS prevention company.

11). Biometric Sensor Company

Biometric sensors are the kind of sensors that scan your eye or your finger to uniquely identify a person. With the growing need for higher security measures and the support from the Indian government for the Internet of Things technology, it won’t be long until everyone is putting biometric sensors in everything.

This business strategy would develop and sell these sensors to businesses that would install them in services or products. There would need to be a medium-sized investment to make this happen, as one would have to rent or build facilities to produce the sensors.

12). Fitness Centers

Significantly more people are becoming health-conscious. With this rising fitness awareness, the demand for gyms or fitness centres has significantly increased. It has even become a part of many people’s lifestyles. At the initial stage, you can purchase a few low-cost pieces of equipment. You can purchase equipment henceforth when you evaluate your profits and analyse the client’s responsibility.

13). Bakery

It is one of the most profitable businesses for the people in India who are competent at making cakes, pastries, cookies, muffins, bread, and all the other bakery items.

You can open up a bakery at a suitable location in a market where there is high customer traffic. Moreover, it has many opportunities for growth and expansion, and that too without investing a big amount. You simply need to be armed with a wonderful oven and have great skills in the preparation of these baked delicacies.

14). WiFi Installation Company

With the progression of time, the demand for wifi internet solutions is increasing constantly. Customers demand internet access everywhere, in their homes, offices, shops, and even small retail counters. As a result, there is now a higher demand for wifi installation.

You need to invest a portion of your funds in purchasing the tools needed to install wifi routers. Once you purchase the routers and maintain your stock, you could start by approaching places where there is a huge foot traffic, such as malls, department stores, hygiene stores, etc.

15). Renewable Energy

In addition to making a considerable amount for you, this business is also environmentally friendly. The government is also promoting and providing subsidies to companies that are converting themselves into alternative energy business ventures.

Many individuals are willing to try their hands in this profession as a result of the increasing effects of global warming. They are utilising their empty or unused land as well as their rooftops for installing solar panels, which are helping the environment and also providing them with an opportunity to earn money.

16). Solar Energy Business

Solar panels are currently more in demand. It is cheap and convenient for India. Also, many solar plants are implanted in rural and urban areas. You can provide services directly to customers under the solar energy business.

You can provide your technology to wholesalers and retailers. This business is very successful; however, you have to regularly invest, and it requires a significant amount of money. Therefore, financial planning is very important before starting this business.

17). Health Record Digitization and Sharing Company

It is becoming necessary for several doctors sitting at various locations to access a patient’s medical records. For example, one patient may consult a doctor for a while, then switch to another doctor at a different location. There is a need to collect the previous record from the doctor, which could never happen.

This company would set up medical records that could be safely secured and shared among registered doctors. The great thing is that both patients and doctors would have access to the most recent health data. As the block chain technology is quite new and the company has a huge amount of health records, it would take some significant investment. This is one of the upcoming business ideas in India that would take off between 2022 and 2030.

18). Social Impact Investment Funds

Social impact is becoming more important in India as consumers become more intelligent and aware that what they consume has an effect on them and the earth. This business idea involves raising money from several groups of investors to create a fund that will invest in socially responsible projects that have a positive impact on the earth.

In India, there is a huge demand for social impact instead of just creating a profitable business, due to people’s high level of sophistication.

19). Internet Infrastructure Building Company

There is a significant and increasing demand for good internet connections throughout the country. Although there are internet service providers, lack of speed and connectivity problems disappoint internet users. This leaves a business concept for starting an internet infrastructure in perfect light to execute. This business can generate significant profits and make huge sums of money.

20). Data Analytics

Data analytics is currently one of the hottest business trends. It involves using data to make good business decisions.

This can be done through various methods, such as analysing customer behaviour, understanding market trends, or predicting future business outcomes.

In India, there is a high demand for data analytics services as more and more businesses start to realise the importance of data-driven decision making.

21). Rise Of Co-Working Space

The trends of future service offices will change. Due to high rental costs, it is difficult for independent companies to bear the cost of renting an office space elsewhere. Therefore, people are settling on working in collaborative spaces.

It encourages them to reduce rental expenses while also sharing knowledge and skills. If you have free space, at that point, start working on a coworking space business. It is another futuristic business idea.

22). Creating and Selling Digital Products

This is the place where you make and sell your digital products to a group of people. Generally, data products or self-facilitated programming Basically, you make the item and sell it to the client for a one-time fee.

It generally comes in the form of an eBook; simply compose your book and sell it. Furthermore, you can sell online courses, create and sell flexible games, or even portable applications. With regards to digital products, there are no restrictions on what you can offer. Simply select the field you major in and you will work there.

23). Stock market trading

If you have good information about trading and the stock market, then you can choose stock market trading.

If you are very good at trading, then you can earn a reasonable profit margin. However, this business requires significant stock market trading and a huge initial investment.

24). Domain Selling

The domain is the web copyright, which you can buy and sell at high prices. The use of websites is increasing rapidly, which requires a domain. If you want to join the business, you have to invest a bit to purchase many domains. Finally, you can sell these domains at a high price to other established or upcoming businesses in India.

25). Skyscraper Greenhouses

Land is steadily becoming a scarce resource due to the population’s growth. This is creating a problem of providing fresh vegetables and organic products to communities in a sensible and sustainable way.

By building vertical greenhouses, like a skyscraper, with various levels of different leafy foods, one can increase yields. This is a significant high-cost idea as the structure must be enabled with sensors to monitor temperature, mugginess, and other factors in order to develop the perfect yield. It is currently one of the trendiest business ideas.

26). Restaurant and Cafe

With the lifestyles of people in busy cities, one hardly gets time to prepare their own preferred food. Satisfactory food on demand is all they need. It is a guaranteed successful business idea to start with.

27). Courier Services

In order to start a small courier service company, you can collaborate with other brands that are already working in the industry. In India, the need for courier services has increased because of the many online shopping apps being launched every day. It is a low-investment business if you collaborate with other brands and keep your specific share as a partner.

28). Customised Gifts

You can launch this business even at home. Nowadays, everyone wants to give their loved ones a lovely gift on special days or events. Starting the business of customising gifts can be very profitable and even cheap. You only need to purchase a few gift items and accessories used for customization.

29). Pollution Masks

With the massive increase in pollution in all metropolitan areas, especially Delhi, in the upcoming years, the scope of manufacturing and trading these pollution masks would be like selling hotcakes. Due to the massive effects of hazardous air pollution, the demand for these masks will keep increasing.


All future business options given above have many possibilities. Some of the business concepts may seem ridiculous as of now; however, you can’t overlook them as time will reveal the fate of these companies. You have to invest your energy, money, and time in these business ideas to make your future secure.

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