21 Top Network Marketing Companies In India [2023]

A network marketing company in India (also known as a direct selling company in India) offers people the chance to increase their income, usually as a side business. This is so that they can make money while they’re free. Additionally, there aren’t too many prerequisites or experience requirements for the industry. Therefore, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for network marketing businesses in India where you can work.

The best network marketing and direct selling companies in India will be listed in this article. But first, let’s define network marketing and examine how network marketing businesses operate.

What Is Network Marketing Or Multi-Level Marketing?

Network marketing, which is multi-level structured marketing, is often known as direct selling. It represents a business plan where individuals create a network with other individuals to sell an organization’s products.

A network marketing company may expect you to create a network of salespeople or business partners.

The main objectives of network marketing are to increase a company’s sales and to establish a large network of people who are willing to offer the products. There are generally no restrictions on age, location, or educational level in the field of network marketing. As a result, a lot of people in this field have remote working arrangements. By becoming government-approved direct marketing companies in India, these companies earn more legitimacy.

A pyramid-shaped sales structure is formed by network marketing businesses in India. They get commission-based pay from such a setup.

What is a network marketing company?

Network marketing is a business strategy that depends on a network of distributors to expand a company. Three essential forms of systematic tactics must often be used in order to generate revenue: lead generation, hiring, and building and management. Single-tier, two-tier, and multi-level network marketing are the three types of the industry.

Simply defined, network marketing is a business strategy that depends on independent agents selling to other individuals, generally from their homes. If you create a network marketing company, you might need to build a network of business partners or salesmen to support you in generating leads and closing deals.

How Does A Network Marketing Company In India Work?

A network marketing company has a pyramidal organisational structure. In such an organisation, a particular good or service is sold by a variety of salesmen. This network of salesmen does not have a fixed income, in contrast to other occupations. Instead, they receive a commission for each good or service they offer or sell.

That being said, not everyone receives a fixed commission. Individuals’ commissions are determined by their placement or hierarchy within the company’s pyramid structure. Therefore, it makes sense that those at the top of the pyramid receive bigger commissions.

Now that you understand how network marketing operates, let’s talk about some of the top network marketing businesses in India that you can join.

Top 21 MLM or Network Marketing Companies in India

1). Amway

One of the top multi-level marketing firms in India is Amway. This company sells more than 140 products worldwide and has over 150 offices across the nation. This network marketing organisation in India is among the oldest, with warehouses in more than 34 cities, and has received government approval as of 2022.

2). Eazyways

This network marketing business is among the most reliable and successful ones in India. This company’s two principal brands are Natural Antioxidant and Aarogya Vatika. More than 50 lakh users have joined the organisation since its inception. This direct selling organisation is headquartered in Delhi and is an approved direct selling enterprise in India.

3). Vestige

As one of the top direct selling businesses in India, Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. began operations in 2004 and specialised in selling high-quality health and beauty products. Vestige is consistently growing at an incredible rate every year.

Vestige has continued to improve the lives of every individual who is a part of the firm and the people who believe in its products under the motto of spreading wealth through wellness, for example. Sales for the 2019 fiscal year were reported at $302 million by Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

4). Herbalife

Since the 1980s, Herbal Life, an international network marketing or multilevel marketing food company, has helped people achieve a healthy, active lifestyle. Herbal Life’s health, nutrition, and weight-management products are completely distributed through more than 2.3 million authorized dealers in more than 95 countries.

The goods are produced at Herbalife’s five distribution centres in the US and China, as well as by external partners.

5). RCM Limited

This network marketing business in India, popularly known as RCM, has a network of more than 10 million people worldwide. They offer more than 150 products in their portfolio, which are divided into categories like lifestyle, healthcare, agriculture, and more.

6). Modicare

The core philosophy of the Modi group of companies hasn’t changed much since it was founded: to improve, engage, and empower people’s lives. When the Modicare Foundation was founded in 1996, this fundamental idea remained at its heart. The historic legacy of the Modi family has included a long-standing tradition of giving back to the community while improving people’s lives for a better, more secure future.

7). Oriflame

The Swedish beauty brand Oriflame has a growing following in India. OriFlame mostly sells cosmetics and skincare items.

However, like RCM or Herbalife, OriFlame is not a single MLM organisation. Customers are not required to buy from a direct dealer and can buy things directly from their website.

8). Safe Shop

A platform called Safe Shop gives users the chance to make money by selling the goods they promote. Despite being a relatively new network marketing business in India, Safe Shop has experienced tremendous development recently. This company must be taken into account if you’re trying to start out as a marketer.

9). Forever Living Products

The top network marketing business in India selling health and beauty items is Forever Living. It is a relatively new networking marketing company in India, and if you can increase brand awareness and generate sales, it can help you earn well through networking.

10). 4Life

This network marketing business in India provides food supplements while trying to ensure their clients remain healthy. In order to generate money, 4Life distributors can either buy products or start their own business.

11). Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

In 2013, Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Ltd. was established. One of the best direct-selling businesses in India is Mi Lifestyle. It is also one of the best-known MLM businesses in India. Mi Lifestyle provides a variety of products in the areas of agriculture, personal care, and health care.

12). Avon Products

In India, this network marketing business produces and sells cosmetics and beauty products. It is only second to Amway in terms of revenue in this industry.

13). DXN India

The top MLM company in India is led by DXN India. One of the top network marketing companies in India, DXN India offers distinctive goods in the categories of Ayurveda and health supplements, food and drink, personal care, and cosmetics. When you become a member, you can make 6 percent to 21 percent in group profit in addition to 15 percent to 25 percent in retail profit.

14). Tupperware India

In the nation, this MLM company has the largest percentage of female members. The network marketing concept of the organisation is used in its direct selling operation. To keep up with consumer demand, Tupperware India frequently produces enhanced and new goods.

The organisation should receive a lot of applications from women who want to work full-time or part-time.

15). Asclepius Wellness Private Limited

This network marketing business in India advertises herbal and ayurvedic personal care and wellness products. Asclepius Wellness has grown significantly over the past seven years, starting in 2014.

16). Biosash

With its health products based on seabuckthorn, Biosash got off to a strong start in the direct selling industry. They sell a variety of goods, including bath and body products, housewares, office equipment, and medical equipment.

17). Winfinith

It is an extremely new network marketing business in India. Like some other MLM companies in India, it has a similar business strategy. By registering online, you can sign up to be a direct seller. You will need to buy and sell the products with them, just like you would with other network marketing businesses.

18). Tiens

The company has a very strong foundation in the networking industry in Pakistan and India. In 1995, Mr. Li Jinyuan created it. Chennai serves as the country’s headquarters. They sell a variety of goods, including nutritional goods and items for personal care. They promise to increase prosperity and health in society. Their well-known goods include Ariz Panty Liner, multivitamin tablets, and fat-burning capsules.

19). Naswiz Retail

This network marketing business in India serves the wellness, health, and beauty industries. By entering markets with the highest-order products, it achieves this. This company’s direct sellers are guaranteed flexible schedules, financial freedom, personal growth, and many other benefits.

20). Nu Skin

Women and men of different ages would die to have fair skin, mainly if they are Indian, since this fascination with fair skin is well known. This MLM business, which was founded in 1984, is committed to making the world visually appealing. They offer a wide variety of top-notch anti-aging goods and are steadfast in their commitment to uphold the law and give their clients the highest-quality skincare and nutrition products.

21). Guru SSR India

Sunil Nandlal Keswani and Kanta Sunil Keswani created this direct-to-consumer business. Their headquarters are in Mumbai, and their best-known product is noni fruit juice. It is one of the MLM businesses in India that allows its independent members to market and sell products related to health and wellness.


Network marketing is a business that relies on free agents selling to other people one-on-one. Tiers of salesmen are frequently created by network marketing companies. People of all walks of life have the chance to make a living with this business model because there are no restrictions on age, location, or experience in this industry.

The main competitors in the industry are all represented by the network marketing businesses that were previously mentioned. They’ll give you more money, opportunities for personal development, a healthy work-life balance, and much more!


Q. Which Network Marketing Organisation in India Is Generating the Quickest Growth?

One of the MLM, or network marketing, companies in India with the fastest growth is Modicare. It was founded in India. Modicare offers a huge selection of products in the categories of personal care, home goods, skin care management, and so on. The Azadi Plan is an interesting business option offered by Modicare.

Q. Who Is India’s Top Network Marketing Company?

Amway India has established itself as the largest direct marketing organisation in India. Amway India will be among the top 10 network markets worldwide in 2021. However, the objective is for India to be among the top three commercial markets. Amway offers more than 140 global product categories in India.

Q. How Do Network Marketing Companies Make Money?

Network marketing businesses use the direct selling strategy, which helps them successfully promote their goods and generate significant profit margins. The business invites people to join its direct selling plan as distributors and market its goods. On each product’s sale, they receive bonuses or commission.

Q. How Many Network Marketing Companies Are There in India?

As of 2021, there are more than 450 network marketing businesses legally registered with the Indian government. Some of them are Indian businesses, while many of them are multinational corporations that have networks in both India and other nations.

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