21 Best Passive Income Ideas In India [2023]

In India, passive income is becoming more and more important. The main factor making it nearly impossible to make it on a single salary or source of income is rising inflation. Even if your salary or income from your business insulates you from the effects of inflation, making a little extra money won’t hurt.

You should invest your money so it can grow and start working for you rather than wasting it.

The top 21 passive income ideas for India over the next ten years are given in this article.

What Is Passive Income?

Any type of income that doesn’t involve a lot of work is considered passive income. Some passive income ideas require a lot of management, such as creating a blog or leasing a property, but gradually they start to generate cash even while the owner is sleeping.

Benefits of Passive Income

  • You Have More Financial Freedom

It’s challenging to take time off of work to pursue your passions when you depend largely on your income. Instead, in order to ensure a reliable income, you are forced to put in long hours.

All that, however, changes when you have passive income. Your ability to take time off to pursue your aspirations is now significantly easier. Considering that you’ll still be earning money, you can afford to take the time off of work.

  • You Have More Financial Stability

Financial stability is a challenge for many young individuals. They are still forced to live paycheck to paycheck and work for a living.

You can count on making money when you have passive income because you won’t have to put in any effort. Because you are aware of your secure income, you may reach financial stability much more quickly.

  • You can meet your goals more easily.

Even if money cannot buy everything, it can buy a lot. However, having passive investments gives you access to extra money.

This implies that you have more extra money to put into savings to help you prepare for major purchases like a car, house, or university fees. In other words, your passive income helps facilitate the achievement of your goals.

  • You can retire early.

A lot of people look forward to retirement. Retirement, however, will definitely be far off if you’re now living paycheck to paycheck.

Saving for retirement sooner can be achievable with passive income. So you may start enjoying your golden years and retiring earlier!

21 Best Passive Income Ideas in India

1). Online teaching videos

Today’s world can be a great place for making passive income by creating digital tutorial videos. Everyone is using internet platforms more and more, especially while reviewing their academic concepts.

Mostly on video-sharing websites like YouTube, one can become an expert on a subject, produce high-quality content, and publish videos on the topic. To consistently make passive income, one can also collaborate with other online learners and provide their course videos.

2). Produce an Audiobook

If you have specialised knowledge or highly developed skills in a certain field, you can also choose to teach students through audiobooks.

However, you must focus on providing a lot of useful information and making sure that your creation is of top quality. Try not to slap things together and hope to make a profit online.

3). Create an App

Building apps is the second most successful source of passive income. On our phones, we all use an app. Many people use apps. Even a lot of people use one app to search for many things.

Anything that appeals to people’s interests can be informative, entertaining, or both. A similar thing was done by one of my friends the year before, and now he is earning more conveniently. However, it also requires solid programming skills.

Show off your knowledge and talent with audacity, and you’ll come up with a proper concept that will resolve all the positive aspects of your app and get you paid.

4). Rental Services

Renting out various things, such as vehicles, real estate, or other things that a person has lying around their home idle is another way to make passive income. It is a sensible use of these items, on which one has already spent a lot of money.

Aside from locating someone who wants to rent the items, renting items out can assist someone in paying their debts without exerting any effort.

5). Network Marketing

In the network marketing business model, independent contractors invest in a company. On the goods they sell, they subsequently receive a commission. Network marketing appeals to a lot of people because it gives them the freedom to choose their own plans, work their own hours, and be flexible.

Network marketing companies are very popular. DoTerra, Pampered Chef, Rodan & Fields, and Mary Kay are a few well-known companies.

Network marketing can be used to generate income in a few different ways. By using the company’s products yourself, recommending them to others, and hiring new employees, you can earn money.

6). Make YouTube video tutorials

A large passive income stream can be created on YouTube. YouTube does provide a very cost-effective marketing channel, even if it’s not simple and will essentially require millions and millions of views to generate any kind of real income from this stream.

7). Purchase dividend stocks.

Stocks that pay dividends are excellent sources of passive income. Additionally, you won’t need to sell the stock in order to make extra money. Whatever dividend stock you buy, you will need to invest a significant amount of money in order to generate a sizable revenue source.

Find the right dividend stocks by conducting some research. You don’t have to know everything when you start out, but you do need to be motivated to learn and understand. Start small and increase your investment when you go ahead, always keeping an eye out for dividend stocks that will generate a large income.

8). Peer-to-peer lending

One of the first ways of generating passive income was through peer-to-peer lending. More than any other method, it is widely used. To your colleagues, friends, or other trustworthy friends, you can lend any extra income you possess.

Your money and interest income are secure due to this. It is the finest technique to generate consistent passive income in India. India has a large unregulated lending sector. Joining this industry will allow you to generate passive income.

9). Become an ATM Vendor

You might be able to generate a sizable passive income depending on where you live by placing ATMs in a variety of locations, such as small corner shops, malls, and other places. Choose a reliable company that will let you place their ATMs at different businesses and earn a small portion of the income these ATMs generate.

10). Affiliate Marketing

Without doing any more work, affiliate marketing is a fantastic method to earn money. A commission is earned for each sale you make when you use affiliate marketing to simply promote someone else’s goods. This is an excellent approach to earning money online without having to develop your own product. As an affiliate, you can market a third party’s product in a variety of ways.

The most popular strategy is to promote products on a blog or website. However, there are a variety of other ways to advertise products as an affiliate, including social media, email marketing, and much more.

11). Sell E-Books

An ebook can be written once. Sales or royalties are two ways to get money. Select a topic for your book that interests you. Or decide on a topic and hire a ghostwriter to complete the book.

Be innovative, use differentiators, and genuinely try to enrich your readers. Additionally, this will help you establish a strong relationship with your audience.

12). Blogging

Blogging is one of the best passive business concepts in India. Writing, creating videos, graphics, or any other type of content freely available online is referred to as blogging. Blogging can be done from anywhere, at any time, and without committing to specific hours. One can frequently pursue their creative side while increasing their income by using this method of passive income generation.

13). Rent out your car

There are many other ways to generate passive income other than using your free space. Another option is to use a service like Turo to rent out your vehicle. If you already use your car for Uber, you may sign up for services like Carvertise or Wrapify to earn additional money while you travel around town.

Finding someone who requires a car for Uber or Lyft is another option. As a result, you can pull up a Netflix show in your free time while your car is driving for you instead of actively driving.

14). Invest In A High-Yield Savings Account

Investing in high-yield savings accounts is a great way to generate passive income. You can earn interest on your savings without putting in any more effort by putting them in a high-yield savings account.

Saving money for the future can be done by opening a high-yield savings account. Given the high interest rate they offer, simply keeping your money in the account will earn you a significant sum of money. High-yield savings accounts do include risk; it’s crucial to keep that in mindt. Given the high interest rate they offer, simply keeping your money in the account will earn you a significant sum of money. High-yield savings accounts do include risk; it’s crucial to keep that in mind. You might lose money if the interest rate declines.

15). Sell NFTs

Unique assets that are stored on a digital ledger are referred to as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. The beauty of NFTs is that the asset you store may be priceless. For all, including digital designs, photography, music, games, GIFs, and even video, NFTs are available.

It’s simple to create an NFT. You can register for an account on websites like OpenSea and follow the minting process step by step.

16). Invest in Stocks or Cryptocurrency

The simplest ways to get passive income with little time and effort are through stocks, cryptocurrencies, and mutual funds.

You need to find trustworthy stocks and research their history, brokerage fees, receivables, and other factors before investing in these goods. Briefly, you must conduct research before making an investment.

If you own more shares, you will get more passive income from the stock market. You receive regular dividend payments from the company.

You should think about the risks involved before investing in these methods because they are extremely volatile.

17). Dropshipping

Even if you don’t have a lot of cash flow, dropshipping is one of the best methods to start making money from anywhere. According to some dropshippers, their annual income can reach $100,000. Although it requires some upfront time investment, dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Creating an online store for clients to browse and order products is part of this business model.

18). Podcasting

Podcasts are becoming popular as a method of disseminating information to a wider audience. If you have a good microphone and relevant content to share, creating podcasts is simple. Everything is dependent on your interests and passions.

You can save a significant amount of money and effort by choosing your niche effectively.

19). Create and Sell WordPress Plugins

WordPress is important in the blogging world; hence, WordPress plugins are in high demand among users who want to list their blogs on Google and other search engines. Bloggers must depend on web developers like you for assistance because the process is technically challenging.

20). Sell stock photos

Are you a photographer, or do you just enjoy taking photos? Start making use of that talent! You can think about selling your photos as stock photos if you want to earn a little extra money from your photos. The easiest way to sell your photos as stock photos is to upload them to a third-party website like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, etc.

You might also sell your stock photos on your own website if you have the experience and resources to do so.

21). Rent out your textbooks

Textbooks can be extremely expensive! Some start-ups focus on renting textbooks rather than buying them, which makes a lot of sense considering that a $1,000 book is likely only needed for 4–8 months. If you’ve previously purchased expensive textbooks, you might be able to sell them again. OR, you might rent them out for genuinely passive income!

This sort of exchange is promised to be made possible by companies like ValoreBooks.


As the rate of inflation reaches its peak, having a passive income source is essential. One can obtain financial stability through passive income, which also helps one remain independent, reduce stress, and move more quickly towards their financial goals. One can select any of the above passive income opportunities in India based on their interests and passions and profit generously from them. Please leave a comment and share it with others if you enjoyed this post!

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