15 Best Online Tutoring Jobs In India [2023]

Are you interested in online tutoring as a method to supplement your income but unsure of where to start? Online teaching is becoming more and more well-liked in India as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Finding the ideal online tutoring position, though, can be challenging.

In response, we are here. We’ve produced a list of the top 15 online tutoring positions in India in this post. This list offers something for everyone, whether you’re a teacher, a student, or someone who is passionate about education. With these online tutoring positions, you may work from home and make a reliable income.

In order to find the ideal job for you, continue to read if you’re ready to start your online tutoring career.

What Is An Online Tutoring Job In India?

By using virtual communication tools like Team Viewer, Skype, Video Conferencing, etc., you can teach in a virtual setting while you teach online. Thanks to technological advancements, tutoring websites enable the teacher and student to connect virtually while learning.

Anyone with strong subject-matter expertise can work as an online tutor; you don’t need to have any prior teaching experience. However, a few websites can require a specific level of education or work experience; in that case, you should pick one carefully.

best online tutoring jobs in india

Things Required To Become An Online Tutor

  1. A passion for teaching is among the most essential qualifications.
  2. A laptop or desktop with a solid configuration is required, as is a high-speed internet connection.
  3. Making video tutorials or presentation files is something you should be able to do.
  4. Knowing how to use online teaching tools and software like whiteboards, blackboards, and digital pens, among others, will be helpful.
  5. A digital pen and writing pad should be in your possession (some firms provide them). Stronger communication skills are a necessity.
  6. You should be well versed in the material you want to teach.

For graduate homemakers, college students, and retired teachers, online tutoring positions are best. This is turning out to be the best way to make extra money. These days, working professionals also choose this profession.

Types of online teaching jobs

  • Subject Experts
  • Online Tutors
  • College-level online teaching faculty
  • Instructional Designers
  • Course Developers
  • School-level online teaching faculty
  • Online English teachers

There are several different online teaching positions available; you can choose one according to your qualifications and skills.

Advantages of an Online Tutoring Job

  1. Suitable for housewives, teachers, and engineering students in college,
  2. a reliable source of income given the expansion of the online education market.
  3. You’ll be responsible for the total income. Your earning potential increases with the amount of time you invest in teaching.
  4. Online tutoring positions offer flexible working hours.
  5. A laptop and a high-speed internet connection are all you need to teach from anywhere at any time.
  6. There are no significant limitations. From the convenience of your home, you can instruct learners who are from various locations and nations.
  7. Compared to other opportunities, it is simple, quick, and offers higher earnings.
  8. You spend less time and money on commuting.

Few Disadvantages Of Online Tutor Jobs

Although we have discussed the advantages of working as an online tutor and found that it is superior to other online jobs and traditional classroom instruction, there are still some disadvantages to be aware of.

  1. Before choosing to work as an online instructor, you should be careful and review all the guidelines and policies. Before submitting an application, you should always check the site’s reputation and customer feedback.
  2. Also, you should ensure that you research or study the topic in advance of the lesson so that you can respond to all of the students’ queries about the subject without losing their interest.
  3. Make sure your internet connection is strong and reliable because a session that is ruined by a poor internet connection may occur.

How Much Money Can I Earn As An Online Tutor?

It depends on the subject you are teaching, how many hours you are working, etc. While some websites pay well and require prior teaching experience, others do not.

You can also start teaching with online tutoring companies that don’t require experience if you are new to this area or a student and have a strong grasp of any subject.

The salary varies from INR 25,000 to INR 100,000 each month (depending on many factors). Some websites let you set your own pay rates, which is another form of flexibility.

Best Online Tutor Jobs in India

1). Tutor.Com

It’s yet another incredible website for teachers, as its major goal is to foster a strong relationship between students and teachers while also ensuring that the teachers receive a decent salary. The nicest part about them is that you can plan your schedule accordingly because the tuition sessions are available at all times.

You have the choice of working a minimum of 5 hours per week and a maximum of 29 hours per week as a teacher. You’ll be happy to learn that they have their own technology to perform virtual training. Each day, hundreds of students and teachers log on to study challenging subjects like algebra, calculus, and quadratic equations.

2). Chegg

Chegg is well-liked by both students and teachers. It is one of the best platforms for earning money by imparting knowledge. You are not required to deliver a video lecture here.

You must respond to the questions that the students post on the website by writing on their posts. You can select the question you wish to attempt, and you have a set amount of time to respond to it.

You can respond to as many inquiries as you like. The amount you could make depends on the subject you pick and how many questions you answer each month.

For subjects like computer science, engineering, accounting, finance, management, etc., the rate per question is higher.

3). TutorME

It’s a fantastic platform for working as an online tutor, but usually they require teachers with some teaching experience, master’s degrees in the subject you want to take lessons in, and a degree from an approved university. For imparting knowledge to your students and responding to their inquiries, they pay you approximately $18 per hour.

They provide you with a choice of four different options based on your flexibility and availability. The options include test preparation, history, foreign languages, the humanities, computer science, social science, and science.

4). VIP Kids

VipKid is a platform created specifically to help Chinese children learn the English language. You can teach English online from anywhere in the world, despite the fact that it is a Chinese website. Moreover, you are not required to speak Chinese in order to teach Chinese children.

Chinese children who struggle with English between the ages of 4 and 14 can take private classes rather than the group sessions, which are held in half-hour intervals. You must have a bachelor’s degree and at least one year of teaching experience. To join, you must also have a qualified work permit issued by the USA or Canada and get the job done. The average pay rates vary from $7 to $9, which is a decent rate.

5). Magic Ears

It is similar to VIP Kids and is regarded as one of the top employers for online tutors. To teach 5 to 12-year-old youngsters in China, they search for certified native English speakers as tutors. You would require a bachelor’s degree and previous teaching experience, either online or offline.

Even if you lack significant experience, you can still apply because there is a chance that, rarely, if they think you are qualified, they might hire you. On the tenth of every working day, they get paid between $18 and $26 per hour. The benefit of joining them is that they offer a no-penalty sick policy, good pupils, an excellent payment structure, and confirmed teaching reservations.

6). Qkids

It is one of the top English tutoring websites in the world. On Qkids, teachers are required to instruct Chinese students aged 4 to 12 in the English language. The class will have a maximum of 4 students and a minimum of 1. The class sessions last for 30 minutes.

As Qkids pairs you up with the same students for each lesson, you shouldn’t be surprised if you run into some unfamiliar faces while taking the course. You will get paid $20 per hour or more, depending on the bonuses you earn.

For working with this tutoring service, you must be a resident of the US or Canada, have a bachelor’s degree or be enrolled in school full-time, have past teaching experience, and put in a minimum of six hours per week.

7). Elevate K-12

This tutoring website is a little different from others in that you will be teaching the same set of students each week as compared to online coaching for a different group of students. Along with the original free training, when you sign up for this website, you will also receive a pre-set schedule for a week.

If you wanted to work as a tutor on this website, you would have to be an American citizen. You must instruct students in social studies, math, English as a Second Language, reading, science, robotics, a foreign language, and coding. Along with a bachelor’s degree, you should have more than one year of experience. The teaching hours would continue to be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

8). MathElf

One of the biggest networks, it offers many tutors a lucrative income of more than $2000 per month. If we talk about the tutor’s average monthly income through MathElf, it is around $300. The interview for the tutors that apply only lasts 30 minutes; therefore, this application process is quick. If you can figure it out, you can start teaching right away.

If you wish to teach on MathElf, you must have experience working with children between the ages of 8 and 21, or from elementary school through college, particularly in the topic of math. Additionally, you would require an iPad running at least iOs 11 and at least a year of expertise.

You can work when it suits you and make up to $20 per hour. The only requirement is that you put in at least 8 hours a week of effort. They use PayPal to pay.

Note – Currently this site is not working.

9). MeritNation

The process used by Meritnation is unique. It is the highest position for online tutors. The manner of instruction in this case is through video calling or Skype.

The target audience includes both students preparing for entrance exams and students in grades 6 to 12. You can teach for around Rs 600 per hour at Meritnation. You can instruct from anywhere and on any topic of your choice.

By giving students a basic education, you can make a respectable monthly income. On Meritnation, there is greater earning potential. To set up a job interview, you can do so directly on their website or by calling them.

10). Vedantu

It is becoming a highly known website for finding online tutoring jobs, especially among students. The nicest thing about them is that they offer tutoring in a wide range of disciplines, including math, science, computers, German, French, physics, and a lot of others. In addition, they offer personalised instruction for exams like the IIT-JEE, CAT, and NEET.

They offer students a high-quality education, which is why they have more than 40,000 students using their portal. As a result, you have a fantastic chance to develop alongside them as a teacher because they claim on their website that you can earn up to Rs. 25,000 per month by only volunteering 4 hours per day and more than Rs. 60,000 by working as a full-time tutor.

11). Teamlearn

You can teach subjects for CBSE, ICSE, or other board institutions with Teamlearn. All branches can also acquire engineering training from this. Live video lectures are used as the teaching method.

You must submit an application with your resume through the internet before being hired after a certain selection process.

12). CueMath

To enhance their foundation, you teach arithmetic to kids in KG through 8th grade here. It offers a special opportunity for studying and teaching.

You’ll receive every piece of teaching material at your home.

You can get training and certification for this method of teaching children through the CueMath website, which also utilises it. You can join classes after that.

With this website, you may work from the comfort of your home and make up to Rs. 40.000 every month.

13). Unacademy

On the Unacademy platform, you may use video lectures to teach students. You have the option to create a series of videos on any topic from any category.

Here, you are not required to attend live classes; instead, you can teach using a PowerPoint presentation. Unacademy places more emphasis on teaching enthusiasm.

Being an online tutor is a fairly simple process. You need to post a sample lesson through their app in order to get accepted and listed as a tutor.

14). Udemy

This is unique among the other websites I have previously listed for online tutoring. You must produce some courses or videos and upload them on Udemy. If people purchase your course, you will simply receive payment.

The benefit is that it is a one-time investment, though. If viewers enjoyed your video, they would continue to purchase it in the future, and from just one course, you could eventually make a respectable living.

So you must make sure your content is of high quality. The sort of course you have produced will determine how much money you can make on Udemy.

Courses on any topic are possible, including topics like digital marketing, programming languages, leadership and communication skills, mathematics, and others.

15). Skillshare

A membership-based online learning platform called Skillshare allows its users access to nearly 70 different creative subjects, such as graphic design, photography, and writing.

While many online platforms essentially provide college-style classes, Skillshare is less formal and focuses more on enhancing creative skills.


For teaching online, extensive education experience is not necessary. Of course, you must be knowledgeable about the fundamentals of teaching and proficient in your field. However, you must be confident in your ability to do the work properly and passionate about it. If you follow this strategy, nothing can stop you!

We believe that we have covered all the relevant data on the topic of online tutoring jobs in India.


What qualifications do I need to become an online tutor in India?

In India, the majority of online tutoring positions demand a bachelor’s degree or above and appropriate teaching experience. Depending on the subject you wish to teach, some jobs can additionally demand particular credentials or skills.

Which online tutoring company pays the most in India?

Numerous online tutoring companies in India pay their teachers at attractive prices. Vedantu, Chegg, and Byju’s are a few of the best-paying online tutoring businesses in India.

How much can I expect to earn as an online tutor in India?

Depending on the subject and level of knowledge necessary, online tutoring jobs in India normally pay between Rs. 300 and Rs. 1000 per hour. While some jobs may pay on a session or assignment basis, others may give a regular monthly compensation.

Can I work as an online tutor while studying in India?

Certainly, a lot of online tutoring positions in India include flexible hours that may be modified to suit around your academic obligations. This might be a really good method to supplement your income while you’re still in school.

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