23 Top Money Earning Websites in India [2023]

Nowadays, it’s common to run websites as a lucrative side business to earn money online. Fortunately, many website ideas are still underdeveloped. No matter if you’re making a website for a personal blog or an online business, a good website idea can help you improve brand recognition and reach new customers. As a result, there will be more opportunities to earn money.

The best website ideas have been compiled in this article as a source of inspiration. We’ll explore lucrative business niches, both conventional and unconventional. We’ll explore lucrative business niches, both conventional and unconventional.

23 Top Money Earning Websites In India

1). Google AdSense

Publishers can earn from their online content with Google AdSense. Based on your site’s traffic and content, AdSense matches relevant advertisements. Advertisers who want to advertise their products create and pay for the ads. Your earnings will differ depending on the prices that these advertisers are willing to pay for certain ads.

All devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, display Adsense ads. Adsense works with CPC (cost per click) and EPC (earnings per click). Publishers will be paid when users click on the ads that are displayed on their websites.

2). YouTube

The art of storytelling began with the age of digitalization. Now it has become easy to communicate effectively by using visual channels, and YouTube gets all the credit for this. Additionally, you can earn money from Youtube, and this option is best suited for people who are capable of creating content that people find appealing.

The best part about YouTube is the ease with which anyone can upload a video on any topic. There are several ways to make money on YouTube, such as the number of views you receive, which increases your earnings.The other way is that if you get ads on your video, you would be able to earn around $1 to $3 per 1000 video views.

3). Upwork

This website serves as a link between businesses and freelancers around the world; they can easily connect and collaborate on different projects on Upwork without any hassle. Millions of users trust this reputable platform. This website is great to start and make a high-paying gig based on your skills.

Here, you can make connections with people looking to hire freelancers; they do not offer job opportunities. The registration process should be completed first, and it is fairly simple to do. Here, you get the work based on your experience; the more reviews and experience you have, the more chances there are to get good money.

4). Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that connects users with skilled professionals to get things done.

Everyone has talents, and some of them might be quite marketable. Some of the featured Fivver jobs include drawing illustrations, designing logos, creating online content, providing a voice for a podcast intro, and many more.

5). Swagbucks

One of the most well-known sites for online surveys is Swagbucks. You’ll get a $10 welcome bonus when you sign up for a free Swagbucks account.

There are various ways to earn points, like taking surveys, online shopping, Swagbucks searches, watching movies, playing games, discovering deals, and buying gift cards.

Later, you can redeem your points for gift cards to your favourite retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, or from PayPal to get cashback.

6). Zerodha

Zerodha is an online platform that helps to invest in stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, and other investments. It helps increase the value of your existing funds if you are knowledgeable about stocks.

It is the largest stockbroker app in India. It provides the lowest brokerage rate for stock trading. In India, Zerodha is used in over 15% of all retail order trades. Varsity by Zerodha is an open-book website or app that teaches all aspects of trading, from beginning to advanced. This is a way people can earn millions.

7). Binance

The best free cryptocurrency-earning app is Binance. You can start earning money by just buying or selling cryptocurrencies. If you are an expert in quizzes, you might win up to Rs 1000–2000 with Binance.

Additionally, anyone can access Binance Learn & Quiz. You can win up to millions through these free cryptocurrency earning apps. Lastly, buying or selling and earning a lot is another way to win with these learn and earn cryptocurrency apps.

8). Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a stock photo platform for all. Here, you can upload stock photos to earn money. You will get a commission for it whenever a subscriber downloads any stock photos. In addition, you can join the Shutterstock affiliate programme. With the help of the Shutterstock affiliate programme, you will earn a 20% revenue share based on the net sales amount when new customers make an image or music purchase. Through PayPal and e-Transfer, eligible users can withdraw their earnings.

9). Udemy

It is a well-known online earning platform that focuses on online training and courses, and it is also one of the most comprehensive platforms in terms of course-related information. On Udemy, people can sign up to teach courses, and they can utilise it to connect with students. It is an excellent online training resource where you can sell and buy training and course-related materials.

Furthermore, you can develop your own course materials and market them for a good price.

10). Skillshare

The Skillshare platform allows you to earn money by teaching online classes.

A Skillshare class involves creating videos about a topic you are passionate about—such as crafts, movies, fashion, or cooking—and then participating in the relevant Skillshare forums.

11). Meesho

Meesho is the fastest-growing reselling platform in the world, and you would be able to earn a good amount of money from it. You can join as a reseller if you don’t have a product, and the best part is that whatever you sell will be under the name of your brand. You will be able to earn more money as you get more orders.

All you need to do is add a margin to the goods you sell and start making a profit. If you have a large network, you can even become an influencer and earn money by endorsing and reviewing products.

12). Ysense.Com

This is one of the best money-making websites because it is so simple and easy to earn money online. It is a paid-to-click website, and there are two ways you can make money through it: by clicking on the ads and by referring people to their site. Both ways are quite simple and require little effort, and this can be done sitting anywhere at anytime.

The pay on this website is relatively low and is best suited for college students; for clicking and viewing ads, you can earn up to $0.02. For referrals, when the referred member earns $1 by viewing ads, you get $0.50. However, the nice thing is that it is a trusted website when it comes to payments, and their payment options are bank checks, Payza, and PayPal.

13). Amazon

Amazon is one of the most trusted sites for online earnings. They provide you with a huge variety of products to choose from to sell and buy. If you want to sell your product on Amazon, you would first need to create a seller account, and after completing the registration process, you can upload your product there.

Additionally, by selling other products through their affiliate program, you can earn money; you would be able to earn a sizable commission. It is a very big e-commerce platform; millions of potential buyers visit every month; consequently, there is a good chance that the product will be sold.

14). Clickbank

ClickBank is an online retailer that uses digital marketing to market six million products worldwide to 200 million clients. Through its affiliate programme, affiliates can promote vendor products from ClickBank’s Marketplace by generating a HopLink and earning up to 75% in commissions. The platform features a reliable tracking system, and commissions are paid on time, creating an environment of quality, viability, and suitability. This demonstrates a win-win situation for the client, partner, and vendor.

15). ShareASale

It is an excellent website for making money because it is not just reliable but also a lucrative affiliate marketing platform. This platform is advantageous for both affiliates and merchants, as they get fair commissions and the former get excellent leads.

The unique feature of this site is that an ordinary person can find extraordinary ways to earn money easily. The reason why merchants prefer this platform is that many affiliates market their products and give reviews. As an affiliate, you get a sizable commission, and the more products you sell, the higher the commission you will be able to earn.

16). Zirtual

Zirtual is you putting your inherent administrative skills to the best possible use. As a virtual assistant, you can work from home and take care of tasks that clients don’t have time to manage, such as scheduling meetings, paying bills, booking travel, etc.

Finding such websites to make money frequently offers less incentives for work—though through Zirtual, as a beginner, you can earn from $12 to $15 per hour and make thousands per month.

17). Etsy

If you can create something unique and sell your designs on Etsy, you can start your own small business. This is an online marketplace particularly designed to sell “unique products and items”, which are handmade as well as different craft supplies.

The site has over 1.7 million active merchants and 28.6 million active consumers, so there is a potential audience there if you can create something that you know people will find useful there.

18). Guru

Guru is also a website for freelancing. Here, you can post a freelancing job or hire someone to fulfil your job. On the home page of the Guru website, there are two tabs, “Hire Freelancers” and “Hire Job.” These two tools will assist you in fulfilling your searches. On the Guru website, millions of freelancers have already registered. To earn money, you can also become a freelancer.

19). Peopleperhour

People Per Hour is a reliable platform for getting excellent tasks, and it pays more attention to the projects that are hourly paid.

Don’t worry; there will be no confusion during the payment process as they have a workstream that keeps track of all the work you have done; therefore, there is no place for any hassle. You can get good jobs here, and they choose a few candidates only based on their skillset and experience.

20). Toptal

It is one of the best websites for earning money online as it is a reliable platform. Plus, it offers jobs from many companies. As per Toptal, they have the top 3% of freelancer talent in business, design, and technologyit offers jobs from many companies. As per Toptal, they have the top 3% of freelancer talent in business, design, and technology. For more than 12 years, this platform has been on the market, and the best part is that there are no registration charges.

Daily, they update the jobs, which means that you get fresh jobs on Toptal each day. You can also enter your email address so that you are notified via email whenever a job posting related to your search is posted.

21). EarnKaro

EarnKaro is a reliable app for earning money without investing any money. All you need to do is share Amazon deals, Flipkart deals, Myntra deals, etc. with your friends and followers on social media platforms. If any of your friends purchase something using your referral link, you will get a percentage of it in your EarnKaro account. In addition, you can earn from EarnKaro by referring a friend. You will get a 10% commission for life for every new referral.

22). Flippa

While flipping websites and domains can take a lot of effort, it is not that difficult and can be quite profitable. Have you tried it yet?

The past few years have shown examples of websites, apps, and even domain name sales at record prices, so much so that the Internet has become an essential medium for communication. According to GoDaddy, the most costly domain ever sold was cars.com, for $872 million. Surely, there is a skill and absolute expertise in obtaining profitable domains.

23). Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the best websites for freelancing. It’s because it has an interface that is incredibly simple to use and has a lot of features. A lot of users preferred to use this platform. For any online job, you can hire the best freelancers. In order to earn money online, you can also become a freelancer. There are loads of free blogs and guides available. This will assist you in understanding more about this platform and how it works.


Nowadays, many of us search online for the best online income-generating apps without investment. Many apps are completely legit. You must remember that there are a number of apps that we should thoroughly verify before using. For that, before downloading any of the apps, check the reviews, feedback, and opinions of the people in the Play Store.


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