31 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas In India [2023]

Manufacturing has always been a lucrative business for people all around the world. It requires a small initial investment, but once it is established, it produces large, consistent profits. However, the success of the business depends on selecting a good manufacturing business idea. Around the world, one can start a variety of manufacturing businesses.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some of the top and best manufacturing business ideas that you can start with little investment and that can generate a lot of money. The 31 best manufacturing business ideas in India with minimal initial investment and great profits are included in the list. New manufacturing business ideas in India with a medium investment are also on the list. Review each manufacturing business listed here before selecting the one that best suits your needs.

31 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

1). Paper Manufacturing

Paper is widely used in industries for billing and recording business transactions, as well as in schools and colleges. Paper is used in almost every industry and is in high demand, although it does not require a significant level of investment.

To set up your papermaking machine, all you have to do is search for a commercial area. The size, volume, and number of papers would determine how much space you would require. Since the plastic bag ban, more people are using paper bags, which has led to a significant increase in demand for them. Around 1–2 lakhs in capital will be required to start the business.

1). Coconut Hair Oil Production

Many people appreciate using coconut oil while cooking. It’s used to produce oil, hair tonics, soap, and cosmetics in addition to being used in kitchens. Since it can be started with a little capital—less than one lakh rupees—it is a great small business.

The main component required to make coconut oil is dried coconut. If the correct standards and quality are maintained and a fair profit can be made, you can sell it both locally and worldwide.

As people learn more about the benefits of using naturally produced oils, their popularity has skyrocketed. You have the choice to start it at home.

1). Homemade or Natural Soaps

Soaps, particularly those that are created naturally or are related to skin care and differ from the market brands, are one of the most popular and widely used products. Manufacturing soap is simple, even though the investment is not very high, and there is a large demand for it. Manufacturing soap could also be a good decision if one has the necessary skills and industry knowledge.

1). Manufacture handmade biscuits

If you love cooking and baking, making cookies and biscuits can be a great business. When it comes to biscuits and cookies, people usually look for new tastes and choose homemade biscuits over others. Due to the low initial capital requirement, you can start a small-scale industry.

As you just need a little space, raw materials, and a few helpers, it is also considered one of the most profitable small businesses. You need to pay attention to marketing and be aware of the taste that your customers prefer if you want to succeed in the bakery industry.

1). Bakery

Starting a small bakery is a successful manufacturing business. The bakery generally produces a wide variety of baked goods. The list includes items like bread, cakes, cookies, and biscuits. By concentrating on specific items, you can start a bakery in response to local market demand.

1). Ice Cream Manufacturing

The favourite edible that is enjoyed in almost all seasons is ice cream. In order to keep the product’s healthy and solid form, ice cream manufacturing requires little space and a good infrastructure. It is important to advertise the same product in order to build customer trust in the business.

1). Noodles Manufacturing

Another lucrative small production business that you can start with little investment is this. In addition, you can scale up the business at any time. All over the world, noodles are a very common food. To start production, you must secure a space, machinery, and materials.

1). Notebook manufacturing business

It’s a pretty simple, small manufacturing business, but it’s also a highly successful one. If you have good relationships with a variety of market retailers, you can profit greatly from this field of business.

1). Manufacturing concrete blocks

Construction is booming in India. This is applicable for both civil construction, such as residential buildings, and large infrastructure projects like bridges and industrial units.

The earlier trend of using traditional bricks is quickly going out of style, especially in the building sector. Concrete blocks of various types are quickly replacing these ubiquitous reddish-brown bricks.

Understandably, builders are continuously looking for trusted suppliers of ready-made concrete blocks due to the pressure to complete housing and other construction projects more quickly. In some cases, the demand is actually so high that builders are willing to pay more to get these concrete blocks.

A small-scale manufacturing business of concrete blocks in a variety of sizes can be constructed for a low investment with significant profits.

2). Making Ginger and Garlic Paste

Ginger-garlic paste is a ready-to-cook food ingredient. Urban and suburban areas are now seeing significant growth for the product. Many couples choose to use pre-made spice mixes rather than raw ingredients because they frequently work outside. Starting a business of making ginger-garlic paste is simple.

3). Candy/Chocolate Making

You can start this business from home if you have a passion for cooking and love the flavour of chocolate. A profitable home-based business model can be formed by turning your hobby and skill into the manufacturing of candy. Making homemade candies is quite simple, and it is also quite well liked.

4). Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

You’ve probably heard multiple times how much fruit and vegetables are wasted. But this huge quantity of fruit can be used by freezing it and storing it in a cold place. For example, today there is a high demand for frozen peas; tomatoes can be used to make a paste; apples can be stored; and jam can be made.

If you store these at reasonable times, you can sell them at a high price and earn a lot of money. These frozen vegetables and fruits are very nutritious and are in great demand all around the world.

The producers are therefore less at this time. Due to this, you may start a small business with little initial investment and expand it as you attract more and more clients.

5). Fitness Equipment Manufacturing

Consumers of health equipment can maintain their body’s overall health, fitness, and strength with the help of various equipment. Treadmills, benches, and other weightlifting equipment are sources of fitness equipment products. Our changing lifestyle has made us more exposed to diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc. These physical fitness equipments are in high demand from those who want to stay healthy and fit. One of the most cutting-edge and profitable manufacturing business ideas to start right now is the production of health equipment, which may require a substantial capital investment.

6). Pickle Making

The most popular item is pickles. However, pickles sold on the domestic market have potential for export. In India, pickles and chutney are considered traditional items. Also, we can find a variety of pickles throughout the country. Making pickles is a simple process.

This business can be started from home by anyone. However, you must select the product based on the availability of the raw materials.

7). Cashew/Dry Fruits Processing Business

Cashew processing includes the manufacturing processes of cell cooking, cutting, cashew kernel drying, peeling, grading, and packing. You can also start a small, export-focused plant for cashew nut processing.

8). Homemade Chocolates

There are lots of examples of housewives or part-time workers starting a homemade chocolate business from scratch and making a profit. Many consumers prefer chocolate, and it is frequently purchased and shared during festivals and special occasions. Because the investment required is lower than in other industries, this is a viable business idea for a manufacturer.

9). Candle Making

For housewives and mothers who are looking to put their passion for creativity to work and earn some extra money, the candle-making business is an excellent option. However, anyone can start this business with little initial capital and even from home.

10). Papad Making

Papad is a delicious snack that can be an excellent home-based manufacturing business. Sabudana fritters can be made along with papad due to the large demand for them throughout the year. This business is very simple to start, and it only requires a small team.

The most essential thing required to start this business is a good recipe and equipment like a gas stove, utensils, raw materials, and a sheet for drying the papads. Packing sheets and a sealing machine are extra requirements if you want to start doing this commercially.

11). Jam Jelly Making

Both jam and jelly are very healthy foods. Additionally, a small space is required for the manufacturing operation. Furthermore, with your kitchen utensils, you can start preparing jam and jelly in your kitchen. You can scale up at any time as your business expands.

12). Honey Making

Bee farming is associated with the honey-making industry. One of the easiest business ventures with low initial costs Due to its therapeutic properties, honey is in high demand. The required capital is Rs. 25,000. This is also regarded as a good home manufacturing business under $100,000.

13). Natural and Organic Cosmetics

There are many artificial cosmetics in the industry nowadays that may have negative side effects. But, due to the negative effects of artificial cosmetics, men as well as women are becoming more and more fascinated by organic and natural chemicals. Manufacturing natural and organic cosmetics is therefore a profitable business idea.

14). LED Light Manufacturing

LED lights have been in high demand since they exceed incandescent lights in terms of longevity and electrical efficiency. In the coming decade, industry experts expect a growth that is more than ten times larger. One of the top new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India is LED lights, with their slightly higher cost considering that they will reduce monthly power bills.

15). Toy Manufacturing

Even though this industry is less well known and less often explored by businessmen, if pursued wisely, it can be one of the most profitable industries. This kind of manufacturing business can be beneficial for you because so many toys, stuff toys, and other categories are produced every day for children. Once again, doing the same requires creativity and knowledge. Many agents and retailers are looking for brand-new, attractive toys on the market that would be profitable.

16). Mobile Phone Accessories Manufacturing

Almost every citizen uses a mobile phone. In recent years, both their sales and the need for their accessories have grown significantly. Various accessories are used to decorate and safeguard phones. It is a profitable business idea with excellent growth potential. The investment is also incredibly low, ranging from 50,000 rupees to 2 lakh rupees. Indians have become fond of their mobile phones, which they normally use for 1-2 years along with the necessary accessories.

17). Micronutrient fertiliser manufacturing

A complex structure of inventory management, production, packaging, and marketing is used in the micronutrient manufacturing business. Additionally, this business can be started with a reasonable capital investment by entrepreneurs with knowledge of the chemical industry.

18). Jewellery Manufacturing

Globally, the jewellery industry is very large. Also, there are many types of jewellery available on the market. The most popular products among a significant part of the population are generally artificial goods, costumes, and semi-precious jewellery.

19). Homemade paneer, ghee, and butter

We are all accustomed to the salted butter manufactured by big businesses nowadays. However, there are quite a few varieties of unsalted butter.

Despite this, there are not any manufacturers of cottage butter. Cottage butter is described as butter made by churning buttermilk. It provides great health advantages.

Furthermore, milk casein, also known as paneer, which is produced by splitting milk, is largely consumed in India. India also has a significant market for homemade, traditional ghee, often known as clarified butter.

20). Agarbatti Making Business

Agarbatti can be seen both in mandirs and homes. This is a type of small-scale manufacturing business that is extremely profitable because almost every shopkeeper uses agarbatti every day, and you can see it in every home where people use it as well.

21). Manufacturing of disposable paper plates

Disposable paper plates and saucers are, as their names suggest, made of special paper that has been reinforced with polyethylene sheets to prevent leakage. These products are useful for serving food during family functions, such as meals and snacks, fruits, sweets, etc.

22). Fruit Pulp Manufacturing

Throughout the year, there is a constant demand for fruit sauces like tomato sauce, chile sauce, jam, and jelly. Food can be preserved using a variety of methods, such as freezing, dehydration, fermentation, pickling, thermal processing, and more.

23). Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing

Another product with a huge increase in demand globally is hand sanitizer. This manufacturing company can also be started on a small scale with little initial investment.


Anyone who has the goal of starting their career might think about starting their own small manufacturing business. One must, however, keep in mind that planning is necessary not just before starting a business but also after that business has achieved huge success. One must also continue to work with the same passion and dedication.

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