How To Make Money With Bitcoin : 7 Best Ways [2023]

In today’s fast-paced world, developing an electronic currency that can be exchanged through its own payment system was essential. As a result, a cryptocurrency by the name of Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009.

Bitcoin’s creator, “Satoshi Nakamoto,” was conscious that the world required a cryptographic-based electronic payment gateway. As a result, he developed a digital currency that is decentralised and that you can buy, sell, and exchange without the need for an intermediary or government intervention.

With changing times and quickly increasing financial opportunities, many people are trying to use Bitcoin to significantly increase their income. There are many investment opportunities outside your door; you just need to work hard, look for, and acquire those opportunities.

The Basics of Bitcoin

Here’s a quick overview of Bitcoin in case you’re unfamiliar with the concept:

  • Bitcoin was developed in 2009 by a person who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto, despite the fact that the true identity of the creator is unknown.
  • Unlike conventional money, Bitcoin is not controlled by a single central authority; it is managed by its users all over the world.
  • Along with Bitcoin, the blockchain was a significant innovation. A group and its members can manage and verify transactions together using the blockchain, without having to place their trust in a third party, like a bank.
  • For Bitcoin to exist, blockchains are necessary. and are the foundation for all cryptocurrencies.

Since its creation in 2009, Bitcoin has performed incredibly well, as it has appreciated by more than 200% annually since then. It regularly declines by 50% or more, even during bull markets, like the one in 2021, and is still regarded as a very risky asset.

The History of Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency in 2009. However, when it first emerged, nobody had ever heard of the term “cryptocurrency.”

Up until 2013, bitcoins were worth no more than $10 each. But soon after 2013, its price reached a peak of over $200. So, the value of Bitcoin significantly increased after 2015. In contrast, it exceeded the $1,000 mark in 2017.

The price of Bitcoin increased to around $10000 at the beginning of 2018. However, a few months later, the cost was reduced to almost $6000. To determine the exact cause of the peak’s crash, many speculations were conducted.

While these were the prices three years ago, if you checked the price today, you would know that Bitcoin’s price is rising and growing each day. In 2022, the price of bitcoin went to $53,500 (currently $27,000). Yes, what you just heard is true.

The factors and variables in the external market may influence the reasons for its appreciation. Over the past few years, a number of cryptocurrencies have emerged, however, buying Bitcoin has turned out to be one of the best ways to make money. It has increased wealth and made individuals millionaires.

How to Make Money With Bitcoin

1. Buy and hold bitcoins

Many people think that simple formulas work. For example, purchasing a product at a low price, holding it until the iron gets hot (the price rises), and then selling or holding it even longer. This strategy is typically used by long-term investors.

Get a Bitcoin wallet so you can purchase bitcoins. Invest, hold (as you wait for the right time), and then sell.

You can invest and purchase some bitcoins if you believe that their price will increase in the future. Then, when the price increases, you can sell them and make a profit. The reason behind this strategy is that it varies from short-term investments; they may need to be held for a while because they are not tied by high expectations. However, you should be aware of when to sell.

With Bitcoin, one can also invest in companies and organisations, blockchain technology, start-ups, development, etc. However, it is essential to determine a company’s potential by examining market demand, expert opinions, white papers, etc. before making research-intensive investments. You might be able to hit a treasure chest in this way.

Read this complete guide to start Investing in Bitcoin.

2. Day Trade Bitcoin

For those who are not interested in purchasing and holding Bitcoin for a long period of time, day trading is yet another option. Similar to day trading stocks, this involves trading on short-term price fluctuations in an effort to make a profit.

Undoubtedly, there are many risks involved. Since Bitcoin has been around for more than ten years, many professional and highly skilled traders have entered the space. To provide some context for how challenging day trading is, a study of 1600 day traders in Brazil found that only 1.1% of them earn more than the minimum wage.

According to the study:

If you are on financial social media, it can seem overrun with people who successfully day trade for a living. And yes, it is true that some people do succeed. It’s essential to realise that these individuals are the exception and not the rule. Additionally, for each one of them making noise, there were 199 failures. You don’t want those odds on your side.

Coinrule is a convenient way for trading bitcoin, a platform that allows you to create custom trading rules that automatically carry out when the predetermined conditions are satisfied.

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3. Lend Your Bitcoin

You can earn interest by lending your bitcoin if you already have some.

While that may seem complicated, the way that crypto lending works is very similar to the way that traditional banks work: The bank gives you interest on cash deposits that you make. By lending out your cash at a higher interest rate, the bank generates revenue on the back-end.

Interest charges for lending Bitcoin prices are significantly higher than the rates you’d get for holding and depositing cash. That’s because borrowing bitcoin is more popular right now than borrowing dollars.

Keep in mind that selling Bitcoin in your account won’t be as simple as selling money in a savings account; if you want to participate in crypto lending programs, there are usually restrictions on how long your Bitcoin must be locked up.

What Types of Banks Allow for Bitcoin Lending?

Since they are certainly not traditional banks, i.e., they are not covered by FDIC insurance. There are, however, some sizable financial institutions in the United States that do let you deposit Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to earn interest.

For example, Gemini has assets worth over $30 billion. Currently, their Gemini Earn product offers an interest rate on bitcoin of up to 1.01%.

Crypto lending has a higher return than Bitcoin lending.

This Guide will help you to learn Bitcoin Lending in detail.

4. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is yet another excellent way for investors to make money. This method can generate significant profits if applied correctly.

One of the most popular ways to acquire Bitcoin is through bitcoin mining, which requires the use of powerful computers and the resolution of some extremely challenging mathematical puzzles.

Mining used to be much easier in the past.

Even though their computers didn’t have the most powerful hard drives, people would typically use their own computers to mine a lot of BTC.

However, over time, things became more difficult, and in order to mine Bitcoin, people must put in some effort. After cracking codes and solving tough mathematical problems, they can make some good bitcoin. Additionally, you require more than just a typical home computer. In fact, Bitcoin mining requires some of the best equipment. And you will have to spend a few thousand bucks to buy this equipment.

As a result, in order to use this method, you must have the necessary dedication and be willing to invest in high-quality, powerful equipment. Additionally, the fact that you will have competition, is what makes it more difficult.

5. Affiliate Programmes: Get Paid To Refer A Friend

There are a lot of cryptocurrency affiliate programmes that reward you for referring new users to their website. There is no fee to join affiliate programmes. You’ll receive a special link once you create an account. On social media, websites, blogs, and forums, you can start sharing the link however you like. When someone joins or purchases something using your link, you’ll get a commission.

The biggest benefit is how quickly you can start making money. Additionally, even a year after you put in all that effort, money would keep coming in days, weeks, months, and even years. If you already manage a blog or website or have a huge following on social media, the use of affiliate programmes can be a great source of reliable passive income.

List of Bitcoin Affiliate Programs you can join.

6. Earn Interest With Your Bitcoin Holding

Even though holding bitcoin may give you an advantage when purchasing many other altcoins, it gets boring as you cannot earn interest with it, unlike other large cap coins like ethereum. The most well-known method of earning rewards for your bitcoin holdings is to open a savings account with a reputable crypto savings platform.

As an alternative, you can tokenize your bitcoin for a first-rate experience when exploring the DeFi world. Thanks to tokenization, Wrapped BTC (WBTC) has become one of the most popular tokenized bitcoin assets, with a market capitalization of about $5 billion.

Ultimately, WBTC is an ERC-20 token hosted on the Ethereum network, according to the price of bitcoin. It is compatible with Ethereum’s smart contracts without any custodian party control over your funds, and you can earn interest on WBTC.

Learn how you can earn Interest with your Bitcoins.

7. Play-to-Earn Games

Crypto is already affecting and disrupting a number of industries, and users are starting to earn money in a number of unique ways. One of the intriguing industries that allows users to make money is gaming. By playing crypto games while sitting in a corner of your room, you can earn crypto assets.

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s explore what this is all about. In play-to-earn (or P2E) crypto games, players can earn cryptocurrencies by playing games. Typically, it involves exploring the virtual world, building a deck of cards, earning in-game currency by completing quests, and completing various challenges. Generally, you can exchange these in-game currencies for well-known cryptoassets like bitcoin, ethereum, etc.

The money you earn from playing these games can then be transferred to a safe and trusted cryptocurrency wallet. A few examples of play-to-earn games include Alien Worlds, Gods Unchained, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, etc.

List of Best Play to earn Games.

8. Airdrops (bonus)

In its most simple form, a crypto airdrop is one of the many marketing techniques used by crypto startups to acquire followers and create their community. Tokens are frequently sent to your wallet by these startups as part of an Initial offering. or as a giveaway for getting involved in their project. For various reasons, different projects offer airdrops. The fact that you can earn free crypto by taking part in a project is still the main point.

Consequently, how do you receive airdrops? To store bitcoin, ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency, you will need a crypto wallet. When registering for most projects, you’ll typically be asked for your crypto wallet address. Make sure it’s the right wallet, running on the specified blockchain.

Once you have correctly entered all the details and performed all the required tasks, if you are one of the shortlisted winners, the project will credit the promised sum to the wallet you provided.


One interesting feature of Bitcoin is that it only has a few uses. Yes, it has established itself as a valuable store, which is a significant accomplishment. The Bitcoin blockchain has fewer capabilities than other blockchains like Ethereum.

This explains why Ethereum is a very innovative platform with many different revenue streams. such as staking, yield farming, and investing in virtual properties. The blockchain of Bitcoin does not support these techniques. Although it’s likely not economical to start mining Bitcoin, your bitcoin could make a good hedge against rising inflation if you lend it out and earn interest on it.

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