How To Earn Money From YouTube In India [2023]

People now have access to any type of information at their leisure, thanks to ever-improving technological advancements.This has greatly facilitated our lifestyles. Example: Now, a woman can prepare any recipe for dinner by watching a video on YouTube.

Nowadays, social media is used by a large majority of people worldwide, and it is the best way to communicate with others throughout the world.

However, many of us are unaware that this addiction can also make your wallet grin with money. In this world, almost everybody wants to earn a lot of money in a short period of time. What is the ideal platform for all aspirants looking for easy ways to earn money in this competitive world?

There are many methods available on social media platforms that provide you with a lot of opportunities to earn money through digital marketing. It has been proven to be the most successful marketing tool. For example, if you have a sufficient number of followers on social media pages, the followers will be more likely to check your posts and links.

The latest buzz is now trending on YouTube. YouTube displays movies, music videos, commercials, etc. It’s a platform where you can easily create a channel, post videos, and earn a lot of money. According to Alexa Internet, YouTube is the world’s second most popular website.

How To Earn Money From YouTube In India

1). AdSense: Money From Ads

AdSense is probably the most common way to make money from YouTube. Joining the YouTube Partner Programme and earning money is quite important. You can apply for the AdSense

  • Every hour, 4,000 people watch your channel.
  • once you have more than a thousand subscribers

YouTube’s monetization process

  • Sign in to your YouTube account.
  • In the right corner, click the icon.
  • Click on “YouTube Studio.”
  • Click on other features on the left side and then on monetization.
  • Agree to the YouTube Partner Programme’s terms.
  • Create an AdSense account. It can be a new account for the existing one.
  • Set your monetization preferences.

Once this process is complete, go back to your dashboard and click on Analytics. There, choose a revenue option. AdSense is every YouTube channel’s main source of income. After you have applied for AdSense, you’ll receive a mail from YouTube.

Then you’re eligible to enable monetization on your YouTube channel. In your videos, you can show AdSense ads.

The first payment from Google AdSense is generally $100.. However, if your videos get a lot of views, it can be more than this.

2). Affiliate Marketing

On YouTube, you can work as an affiliate marketer for several brands. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic option for passive income that is made through the commissions you get from the sale of products or services.

For affiliate marketing, you are not required to offer a range of products. You can sell the products of other brands. In return, that particular brand pays you a fixed commission.

This type of marketing is efficient for reviewing products on the YouTube channel. In this YouTube earning method, there is less risk involved.

The most well-known affiliate programme is Clickbank,” which pays you nearly 1% to 75% of the commission depending on what you are selling. Furthermore, the Amazon affiliate programme is wildly popular nowadays, and people choose to become Amazon affiliate marketers.

Choose any of the brands that are running their affiliate programs in accordance with your preferences.

3). Sell Products or Merchandise

Even YouTube is a platform where you can sell products. The product can be any product like clothes, cosmetics, or shoes. You can even become a partner with merchandise sellers. However, you won’t benefit as much as you can if you have your own e-commerce site.

To conclude, YouTube is a great platform for advertising or promoting any kind of service or product. You can market the products and reach several users at once.

If you have an audience on YouTube, then you have the advantages listed below:

  • simple traffic conversion
  • Audience trust will lead to large sales of the products.

4). Crowdfunding

Let’s first explain what crowdfunding means. Crowdfunding is nothing but a process where you collect money or a fund from a huge number of people. Where each person contributes a small amount.

And when many people are together, it becomes a wholesome, big amount. This large amount can then be utilised as capital for the YouTube video project.

When you have an extraordinary idea but are unable to do so because you cannot find it or raise money. Crowdfunding is the best option in such cases.

People should have trust in you or your channel for crowdfunding. Only then can you raise the funds from the crowd. You can crowdfund your YouTube project, or you can rely on popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

5). Sponsor Videos

If your YouTube channel is very popular and has a large number of viewers, then you can earn from the sponsored videos. You automatically start getting emails from related companies asking for sponsorship. For this, the most important thing you have to do is add your email address to your YouTube channel.

Even sponsorship is a great method of earning money on the YouTube channel. Sponsor videos are only possible when you become very famous among the audience.

6). Freelancing

Presently, freelancing has become the most popular. When you don’t want to commit to a company for a specific job, then you can always choose freelance work.

For freelancing, you must have an audience. In videos, when you showcase your skills and indicate that you’ll be taking on tasks relating to those skills, there might be some clients looking for people to get the projects done.

Due to trust, they might instantly hire you for the task. In this way, you can easily reach out to many large projects looking for talent like yours. Simply explain to your audience that you are looking for a good project to work on.

7). Sell online courses

If your YouTube audiences are learning through your videos, then you already have a great opportunity to earn money.

You can package your knowledge and impart a skill relevant to your subscriber base through an online course. The subject for the same could be validated by the interests of your viewers. Other digital products like ebooks, templates, workshops, printables, and downloadables are also excellent bets.

8). Licensing your content to the media

If you happen to create a viral video with mass appeal—say, a funny video featuring your dog—yyou can licence your content in exchange for payment.

TV news channels, morning shows, online news sites, and other creators might reach out to you for the rights to make use of your videos if they go viral.

You can also list your videos in a marketplace such as ViralHog, Storyful, or Jukin Media, where it will be easier for the right people to find and purchase them.

How much money can you make on YouTube?

The average YouTube pay rate for every ad view is between $0.01 and $0.03; a YouTuber can usually earn $18 for every 1,000 ad views, or $3 to $5 for every 1,000 video views.


Earning money online with YouTube video views is just the beginning; YouTube allows you to do much more. It includes creating content that a wide range of people will enjoy looking at.

When we think about money, it is more about earning money for something we enjoy doing. In this era of creative millennials, YouTube allows us to be creative and follow our passions.


How Much Does YouTube Pay For 1 Million Views In India?

The amount of money a YouTuber can make in India totally depends on the quality of advertisements and their value on YouTube. Depending on the quality of the advertisement, you can earn around $100 to $700. There is no specific income that is mentioned.

How Much Do YouTubers Earn in India?

The amount a YouTuber can earn depends on their postings. The genre of the YouTuber’s posts will determine how much money they earn. The quality of the advertisements is another factor that influences how much money a YouTuber earns. An average YouTuber can earn anything between Rs 20,000 and Rs 40,000.

How Much Are 1,000 YouTube Views Worth?

The amount of money you receive for your YouTube post depends on the genre of your post. On average, YouTube gets 1,000 views Money in India usually ranges from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000.

What Is the Best Way to Make Money on YouTube?

The best way to make money on YouTube is by having your videos have a consistent theme, whether it be vlogging, education, comedy, or reviews. Youtube will place advertisements at the beginning or end of certain videos and pay you for each ad view. The more views, comments, and subscribers your video has, the more money YouTube will offer you when someone advertises their products on your videos!

What Kind of Equipment Do You Need For YouTube?

Camera. External microphone. Soft Boxes. Camera Remote. Gimbal or tripod stabiliser Video and audio editing software TubeBuddy.

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