17 Genuine Data Entry Websites In India [2023]

One of the best ways to earn money online without investing is through online data entry jobs. Finding a trusted online job for data entry is difficult because a lot of data entry sites are scams, unlike other online jobs like paid surveys and freelancing. The primary objectives of these websites are to cheat customers and collect registration fees. It will therefore be difficult to find a trusted data entry job.

On the internet, there are a number of legitimate data entry job provider sites and businesses that are hidden on search engine results pages (SERPs) by spam blogs and dubious companies.

You can find the best data entry jobs that make money online without having to invest any money through the information provided in this article to understand the various legitimate data entry jobs that are available online.

What is Data Entry?

In the data entry industry, employees add, verify, and edit electronic data in databases and on computers. Due to the increase in digitalization, many businesses now frequently require employees to enter market research data into electronic systems, add raw data to databases, and add sales data to electronic formats throughout the course of a business day.

Data entry is a broad term that covers many different jobs. Operators for data input include clerks, typists, word processors, transcribers, and electronic data processors. A data operator manages various kinds of electronic data and controls tools that specialists use to enter and edit data, like a keyboard. These tasks can be carried out remotely or from an office.

17 Genuine Data Entry Websites in India

1). Fiverr

With its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, Fiverr is a sizable freelance marketplace. Additionally, hundreds of people sustain themselves by working online data entry jobs on Fiverr.

On Fiverr, you may start selling your services for $5 and charge whatever you want. You must first register on the platform before making a profile that accurately describes your services. You must now create a gig and describe your service along with the price. Customers will view that gig and place an order for your service from there.

You may easily make at least Rs. 20,000 per month from Fiverr alone if you do really good work on the platform.

2). Upwork

With millions of freelancers like you and job providers, Upwork is one of the most well-known freelance web sites.

As you can see, there are 2239 jobs for data entry available on Upwork. On UpWork, there is no shortage of data entry tasks. You can work as a freelance data entry worker for a variety of businesses.

Joining Upwork is free. In order for potential clients to view your profile and decide to work with you, you can sign up with Upwork and get started.

3). Internshala

The platform Internshala was founded in 2010 to help students find internships. It used to be a top site for connecting students to internships based on their interests. Freshmen of all disciplines can search for jobs and internships here.

You can gain experience by searching for internships. You add your information and previous experience on Internshala, and they help you create an appealing profile.

4). Freelancer.Com

Freelancer covers a wide range of freelance job opportunities, including design work like logo and graphic design and marketing work like SEO and copywriting jobs. Freelancer is one of the best freelance websites to look for opportunities because of the wide variety of skills available. Even freelancing work is available in a variety of languages, like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and more.

Jobs can be filtered by a variety of criteria, including fixed pricing projects, hourly rate projects, contests, skills, and languages. Additionally, each job posting includes the current number of bidders and the average bid so that you may prepare before applying. Therefore, freelancing is a fantastic option if you’re looking for flexible jobs, remote work, or other freelance gigs.

5). Naukri.Com

One of the top online job sites for data entry in India is naukri.com. According to this job portal, Naukri.com currently has over 15,170 job openings for data entry. You can conduct an immediate search using the keyword to find a job that suits you.

You can also use filters like recently uploaded jobs, location, pay, experience, job type, posted by firm or advisor, skills, education, and industries.

You can check job information like tasks and responsibilities along with the firm name, position (data entry operator), years of experience, location, and skills (MS-Office). Before applying for any position, you must first register. Both students and professionals are eligible to register.

6). Indeed

Another good website for searching data entry jobs online is Indeed, with 250 million visitors every month. You may find thousands of high-paying job postings for data entry jobs, which are highly rated by top recruiters internationally.

You can easily search Indeed for data entry jobs. You must create a free account. Once your account is active, you can post or upload your resume so that employers can reach you.

Additionally, you can perform proactive job searches using the location and keywords.

7). LinkedIn

Flex Jobs is a work-from-home job that offers part-time, freelance, hand-screened, and flexible work-from-home jobs that you can use to earn an online income. This website contains a section specifically for online editing and proofreading jobs.

The most significant thing to remember is that, in addition to proofreading jobs, they provide a $15 per month membership that gives you access to a variety of remote work. Give it a try and observe how it works; if you’re not satisfied with the service, you can still cancel your membership.

8). Click Worker

There are several job opportunities on the international crowdsourcing site Clickworker. You can find a variety of online jobs here, like writing, translation, data entry, research, and more. Each week, they process payments, which are paid on a piecemeal basis.

9). Rev

Rev is a marketplace and one of the best websites for finding online data entry jobs, bridging the gap between highly qualified freelancers and customers in need of quick and relatively affordable help.

It allows people to work from the comfort of their own homes and is often recognised by companies like Forbes and The New York Times. You are given the opportunity to work according to your own terms and earn a weekly income.

10). Scribie

You’ll be happy to know that this website pays its members nicely and accepts members from all over the world. To work from home, they hire freelance typists. They distribute work according to the manner in which people enter, and their files are usually for no more than six minutes.

Like the websites listed above, you must pass their transcription test before becoming a member and receiving payments of $2 to $25 per hour for each audio file.

11). TranscribeMe

One of the best websites for finding online data entry jobs is TranscibeMe, which also acts as a platform for connecting job seekers and employers. This place is a gold mine for you if you are interested in online jobs like data entry, transcription, and translation.

This site for data entry jobs is one of the best as it gives employees a lot of flexibility. When you want, for however long you want, you can work from the comfort of your home.

12). Lionbridge

Lionbridge, as its name suggests, connects brands and businesses with specialists in their respective fields. This platform will work perfectly for you if you have prior experience with data entry.

Like other online services that offer data entry jobs, Lionbridge requires you to create a free account in order to search for jobs. You can search for jobs for online translation, data entry, and many other types of jobs.

Jobs in more than 300 languages are available on this website, along with flexible working hours and steady income.

13). Facebook

The largest social media platform and one of the top places to look for online jobs is Facebook. Joining various Facebook groups that are relevant to your abilities can help you search for data entry online jobs. Through these groups, you can get in contact with those who are looking for data entry workers and mail them your CV.

14).  Twitter

Twitter is a free social networking platform where users can post short updates known as tweets. These tweets may include text, videos, pictures, or links. Users must have a smartphone or an internet connection in order to use the Twitter app or website, twitter.com.

15). Truelancer

A freelance website called Truelancer is well known for providing data entry jobs. To start applying for jobs as a freelancer, you must first create an account.

You must look for jobs that best suit you and apply for them, just like on other freelance platforms. You can work on several projects as long as you maintain accuracy in order to keep high ratings.

You can find projects with hourly and turnaround rates.

16). PeoplePerHour

Clients can connect with expert freelancers on PeoplePerHour, a trusted data entry website. Employees will be hired by the clients on an hourly or project basis. It is one of the trusted websites where you can turn your career-driven data entry goal into a reality.

17). LinkedIn

An American online service focused on business and employment, LinkedIn is accessible through mobile apps and websites. This website allows both employers and job seekers to post jobs and is mostly used for professional networking and career development.

LinkedIn allows users to create profiles and connect with one another in an online social network that may reflect actual trained relationships in the real world.


So, these were some of the top places to find genuine data entry jobs without having to spend money.

Working in the proper location becomes crucial for data entry jobs. Simply give each of these websites a try, make use of the proper tools, and treat all of their tests seriously.

In fact, these are all the best sites for finding data entry jobs. You are free to choose whichever website you think is most appropriate and profitable for data entry work.

All of these websites for data entry are completely reliable. However, before opening your account and starting to work, I’d recommend you study their terms and conditions about payment to be on the safe side.

I hope you’ll find this list of the top 17 websites for data entry jobs online helpful.

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