12 Best Print On Demand Sites In India [2023]

Whether you’re creating a clothing brand or catering to a specific niche to a certain market, print on demand is a fulfilment model that relieves your load without needing you to hold inventory or make logistics arrangements.

Popping While “print-on-demand” has not yet taken off in India, more companies are coming up every day. Selecting the best print-on-demand company to bring your creative ideas to life requires some research because each platform has a distinctive product catalogue, shipping considerations, and unique qualities that will affect your decision.

Here are the best print on demand sites in india for designing, selling, and shipping personalized products.

What Is Print on Demand?

Print on demand, or POD, is when you work with a third party supplier and customize white-label products by putting your own designs into them. Print on-demand services involve selling products on a per-item basis with your own brand name or a unique design printed on the items you’ve sold online.

-With print-on-demand sales, you won’t have to pay for a product until an order is placed and the third-party supplier prints it out. When a customer places an order with you, from that point on, your print on-demand supplier will manage everything, from shipping to printing services.

Best Print on Demand Sites in India

1). Printrove

Printrove is a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier based in Tamil Nadu. This outsourcing company offers a variety of print-on-demand services, including dropshipping, branding, and bulk printing.

Printrove partners take seven days for manufacturing time and, after that, around 3–4 days to ship. You can sell both men’s and women’s clothing, hoodies, sweatshirts, phone cases, coasters, mugs, mousepads, notebooks, and more.

Currently, it is integrated with WooCommerce and Shopify. The only downside is that product quality varies depending on the category.

2). Qikink

AOP (Tamil Naduprint)This Tamilnadu-based print-on-demand service provider provides its clients with a wide rcolourof product and color combinations. It offers DTG printing, paper digital printing, vinyl printing, and glow-in-the-dark printing. They also offer an AOP service. Customers admire them for the best print quality, which they provide with full clarity.

However, they often deal with criticism for service shipment-related concerns. The price range varies depending on the products and services.

For premium T-shirts, it offers print-on-demand and dropshipping options, with prices starting at 180 for men and 160 for women.

3). Vendorboat

Venderboat is a Noida-based print-on-demand software that allows you to ask for print and stitch on-demand dropshipping. The Venderboat is more focused on technical features for enhancing dropshipping businesses.

From a business point of view, more than seven printing options, nine courier partners, and technical features like NDR IVR (calls and SMS) to your clients will be available to you. These features will help you reduce non-delivery and cash-on-delivery (COD) verifications.

To avoid non-biodegradable waste, they use eco-friendly courier bags, hand tags, and product bags. Venderboat claims to transfer the COD amount by the next day and deliver across the world within 6–15 days. However, for deliveries within India, the average time is 2–7 days.

Moreover, they offer warehousing and fulfilment services for customers who want to keep an inventory.

4). Blinkstore

Blinkstore offers an integrated store with no limit orders. mum order. The company creates your customised product and brand, then delivers directly to your customers. With a set-up payment system, you can use their platform. It reduces the price of the Shopify platform. Additionally, it allows you to add Google Analytics and Facebook to your store for good customer behaviour analysis.

The print-on-demand store ensures a 24- to 48-hour dispatch time. Blinkstore offers DTG and DTF printing options. Depending on the category of the product, they’ve consolidated the price of print and shipping. For both men and women, the base price for t-shirts starts at  399.

5). Owl Prints

The company is fairly new to the market, but it’s gaining customers’ confidence very quickly. Owl Prints provides free packing, zero inventory costs, and no up-front costs. Owl Prints offers free packaging, free inventory costs, and no up-front investment. They offer drop shipping for a wide range of products. This offer can be helpful for new startups. Making a bulk order doesn’t require any extra work, as you also have the option to print a single product as per your preference.

Additionally, customers can assimilate the Shopify store with Owl prints. The cost of printing for white t-shirts is $80; the charge for coloured t-shirts is $120. Also, there is a $50 shipping charge and GST. So, the final cost of a white t-shirt is 310, and the cost of coloured t-shirts is 352.

6). Eprint Care

Eprintcare is yet another Indian print-on-demand dropshipping choice specifically for selling dropshipped T-shirts or printing huge amounts of T-shirts. Eprint would cost you 300–400 per piece, with a starting price of 270 per T-shirt.

The Pune-based company does not provide a merchant platform for you to sign up and upload your design. The mockup generator is simple and does a basic job. In a Dropbox link, you can also send the design.

They offer white and dark T-shirts for print-on-demand businesses and guarantee delivery within 2–3 business days. For defective products, they offer exchanges. There is a 45-day storage window for returns, and they’ll cancel the order if you don’t sell the product. The COD remittance time is 15 days, so check out the terms and conditions before starting.

7). Print Ship

The Noida-based company sells customised designs for mouse pads, face masks, phone cases, beer mugs, clothing, and key chains. Clients can start their dropshipping businesses with zero up-front cost. Once the user gets the order, they ask for a payment. The unsold inventory or minimum order requirement is not a problem here. They also deal with NRIs. It is a lucrative place for new brands looking for business opportunities without manufacturing facilities or stock management. You can manage your business from the comfort of your couch at home. The company claims to integrate with BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magneto, and Shopify.

The cost for printing a phone case starts at 100 (GST inclusive), plus 50 for shipping charges and 50 for COD charges. A plain t-shirt costs 165 plus 5% GST and  50 for shipping charges. The printing charges for t-shirts depend on the print’s colour, design, and size.

8). TeeLabs

Teelabs not only sells custom products but also provides print-on-demand services. They don’t have a dashboard or a merchant portal. You have to request a quote from their team. The website doesn’t provide information about the product, printing, or delivery costs.

9). Gelato India

Gelato is originally an international dropshipping business; however, they do have a print supplier based in India. They do not disclose the exact location of their print partner; therefore, it’s best for you to check with them and place a test order before starting your print-on-demand business.

The mockup generator offered by Gelato is packed with incredible, user-friendly features. You can dropship wall art, mugs, clothing, calendars, and many other items.

10). T-Shirt Loot

The main business of t-shirtloot is custom products that can be ordered from their website. On their website, they don’t have any integration or storefront support mentioned. You can contact them through the website form to get a quote and register as a seller. The entire process is manual as of now.

The website doesn’t provide information about the product, printing, or delivery charges.

Their pricing works the same as that of QikInk. It consists of three components: the price of the blank product, the printing area, shipping charges, and the GST.

11). OOWIA (Previously Doipe)

Doipe specialises in swimsuits and travel suits. They guarantee to deliver the finest quality of fabric at the best pricing in India because they have a long history in the textile industry. It provides a variety of basic items that you may sell, such as t-shirts, leggings, stationery, cushion covers, bedsheets, and more. Like its competitors, there is no MOQ (minimum order quantity). Additionally, it allows clients to purchase all of these products at bulk factory prices.

The price of a t-shirt includes between 178 and 458 for a normal cotton t-shirt plus 0.7 per square inch in printing costs for white t-shirts and 1.4 per square inch for other colours. Therefore, the starting price for a printed t-shirt will be around 248 + the shipping charges.

12). Printwear

The company provides APIs to integrate your business with WooCommerce and Shopify. It articulates print-on-demand and dropshipping at the next level of the eCommerce business. It mainly offers customised hoodies and t-shirts. They offer 48-hour all-India shipping. Printwear offers a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy for customers to place their orders. They use certified materials to ensure the best quality for their customers. Here, the clients can get high-quality, customised products for their brands with a simple click.


Print-on-demand services are among the most competitive and fastest-growing industries in the market. It utilises people’s talents. You might contact a company that offers print-on-demand services and urge them to imprint the patterns on various objects. Afterward, you can market your offline or online store by maintaining a solid profit margin.

Your business partner will be responsible for the entire production, design, or delivery procedure. Your responsibility is to design the item. Eventually, your partners should manufacture and deliver the goods. However, your ideas and the solutions of your business associates are only valuable if you possess a network for connecting with customers.


What Is the Meaning of On-Demand Printing?

An order fulfilment method is called print on demand (POD). In this case, the companies print the items as per the client’s preferences as soon as they place an order. Print-on-demand companies regularly print without requiring minimum orders.

Which Print-on-Demand Is Best in India?

E-Print Care
Tshirt loot

Does print-on-demand work in India?

Yes, there are numerous print-on-demand companies in India that you can use to launch your PoD business. To save time, you can print on demand in India and ship products locally to your buyers. Blinkstore allows you to run your print-on-demand business with zero upfront investment, and you can start selling PoD products from your own store within minutes.

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