21 Best Paytm Cash Earning Games Without Investment [2023]

Are you weary of uselessly browsing app stores in search of games that will give you Paytm cash? When you spend hours looking for games that claim to reward you for playing but never do, it can be irritating. Don’t worry if you find yourself in this predicament; we’ve got you covered.

We’ve created a list of 21 of the best Paytm cash-earning games in this article that you may play for free. These games offer a range of gaming mechanics, from arcade games to trivia, and real money prizes that can be added to your Paytm wallet.

With the help of this list, you can at finally put your gaming skills to work while also making some additional money. There is a game on this list for everyone, amateur or professional. You also have nothing to lose and everything to gain as there is no investment required!

Now let’s get started with our list of the top 21 free Paytm cash making games. We’ll provide you all the information you need to get going so you can start playing games and earning cash incentives. Prepare to enter the gaming industry as a pro and make additional money!

best paytm cash earning games without investment

21 Best Paytm Cash Earning Games

1). Paytm First Game

One of the safest Paytm cash-earning games is Paytm First Game, which comes from Paytm itself. The brand ambassador for this app is Sachin Tendulkar, who is known as the Father of Cricket.

You can play multiple battles or tournaments and win money. There are both free and paid tournaments in this fantasy game, which is the best Paytm Cash earning game. If you win in the free tournaments, you will receive points that can be redeemed by you in paid tournaments and earn real money.

After earning money in the Paytm Cash Games apk, you will not have to do anything as money will be automatically transferred to your Paytm account.

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2). MPL (Mobile Premier League)

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is one of India’s top esports and gaming platforms. The app offers more than 60 Paytm cash-earning games across a variety of forms. The app offers more than 60 Paytm cash-earning games across a variety of genres, such as card games, fantasy sports, arcade, sports, puzzles, and other games. On the MPL app, some of the most played games include 8-Ball Pool, Ludo, Carrom, Poker, Rummy, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Cricket, and Fantasy Football. The app offers free practise matches against real opponents for a variety of games, as well as many cash contests for each game to win Paytm money.

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3). Dream11

In fantasy cricket, Dream11 has become the preferred option for more than 11 crore players. You will get a 200 INR joining bonus if you join now. There will be more than 1,000 contests to play every day.

It’s easy to play fantasy cricket on Dream11. Choose an upcoming match and then build your fantasy team. When you join contests, you’ll win money.

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4). WinZO Gold

Winzo Gold hosts more than 15 games that let you earn Paytm money if you play them regularly and win. It is one of the oldest Paytm earning platforms with a wide selection of games.

The app also has a referral programme for influencers known as Winzo Superstar. Once you join this programme, you can start earning real money that you can withdraw into your bank account. So, if you enjoy playing games such as Clash Royale, Free Fire, Call of Duty, etc., you can earn several rewards and real money for winning tournaments.

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5). RummyCircle

RummyCircle is a one-stop solution for all rummy fans. If you enjoy playing rummy, it’s one of the best online Paytm cash games that has 30 million players and offers a great gaming experience.

Rummy Circle is one of the most well-known Paytm Cash earning games websites in India due to its quick gameplay, safe platform, and secure transactions. Rummy is a legal game in India, so you can play without any restrictions.

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6). Ludo Supreme

Ludo has been one of the most wildly popular indoor games in India for a long time. You can now even play Ludo to earn money.

Ludo Supreme has given us the opportunity to win Ludo tournaments and earn up to $150 in Paytm cash daily. In this game, you can play tournaments with your friends and win extra reward points. Tournaments are running 24/7 on this app. And the best part is that each tournament will last only for 10 minutes. You can even make some money by referring others to this game and withdraw it instantly via Paytm.

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7). AIO Games

AIO Games is one of the best multi-gaming platforms that provides the best entertainment and the opportunity to earn real money playing games online. The most popular games are Rummy, Ludo, Call Break, Quiz Bumps, Horse Racing, Solitaire Delight, and more.

You can participate in daily and weekly leaderboard contests and win some great rewards in these money-making games. Also, you have the option of withdrawing your earnings into any UPI account or your linked bank account.

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8). My11Circle

This is one of the oldest and most popular fantasy apps. On this app, you can only play rummy and fantasy games. My11Circle is one of the best Paytm cash-generating games in India in 2022. Because from this app, you can earn money that will be directly transferred to your bank account or Paytm account without investing even one rupee. Yes, you heard right. You can do this by recommending friends.

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9). mGamer

It is one of the best Paytm Cash earning apps of 2022, with a rating of 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store. If you’re looking for an app that offers incentives for completing tasks, such as watching movies, watching advertisements, and completing surveys, then this is the best earning app for you. From this app, you can earn free diamonds for free Fire and transfer them to your free Fire ID.

In addition, you can earn UC for PUBG and transfer them to your PUBG ID. By completing the tasks, you can also earn real Paytm cash, which you can then transfer directly to your Paytm wallet.

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10). GameZop

The best thing about Gamezop is that you don’t have to download the app and consume your internet megabytes. On your browser, you can easily play all day long.

Gamezop has a great collection of games that help you play games to earn significant Paytm cash rewards. You can also create your own tournaments and earn a commission of 5% to 10%. Gamezop offers more than 250 top-notch games. Some of the most well-liked games on Gamezop include Memory Match Up, Pirate’s Pillage, Dead End, Slit Slight, City Cricket, and many others.

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11). Fan Fight

If you enjoy playing fantasy sports online, Fan Fight is one of the sites you might consider. On the Fan Fight platform, you can participate in live sports events like cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, etc. All you need to do is create your team for an upcoming match and win points based on the performance of the team’s players. To win Paytm cash, you can also play with friends and build multiple teams.

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12). Zupee Gold

Zupee is a quiz and trivia gaming app where you may make money by answering simple questions. With more than 500 topics, you’ll definitely find one that interests you and will excite you to play for a long period of time, and as a result, you can make more money.

With 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store, it is one of the best money-making games that is absolutely worth trying.

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13). Ace2Three (A23)

The Ace2Three app is a fantastic app where you can play online rummy card games. The app is great as it offers nine types of rummy games.

The different types of rummy that are available on the platform include points rummy, gun shot, 101/201 pool, b02/b03, multi-table tournaments, private tables, turbo tables, happy hours, and sit-and-go tournaments.

If you’re a beginner in rummy, you can play the free games on the app to improve your rummy skills before you join the cash contests.

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14). Gamezy

Gamezy is a platform that offers a huge variety of games that enable users to earn good money. This mobile gaming platform is designed specifically for game freaks who want to show their analytical abilities and win great rewards and gifts.

It is one of the best online fantasy sports apps, where you need to play the fantasy leagues and win to earn real money in your Paytm wallet.

The platform offers you a chance to earn a Rs. 30 sign-up bonus. Additionally, it allows users to earn up to Rs. 10 for each successful referral. The best part about Gamezy is that it offers instant Paytm withdrawals with a minimum threshold of Rs. 25.

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15). 8-Ball Pool

8-Ball pool is a very entertaining game of the 21st century. The user interface of this game is nice, which provides the highest level of satisfaction to its users.

It is one of the most well-liked Paytm Cash Games apks developed by Miniclip. More than 500 million users have downloaded this game, which is well-liked by its users. You can make a good amount of money by referring to it, which is completely free.

For each referral bonus, you will earn Rs. 15, and the money will be directly transferred into your bank account. Simply download this money-making app to get started.

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16). KhelPlay Rummy

One of the best rummy gaming experiences you may have is on the KhelPlay rummy app. The app offers rummy tournaments and cash games where you can play classic Indian rummy games like deals rummy, pool rummy, and points rummy. Along with referral rewards, KhelPlay Rummy also offers a 200% welcome bonus. On this platform, players can bid an amount and earn Paytm cash four times the winning rewards.

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17). Loco

Loco is not just an online streaming platform for players. It is also a quizzing platform. If a user participates in the loco Quiz, he has the chance to win INR 10,000 in cash rewards. It will be directly deposited into your Paytm account.

When you participate in the quiz, you will be asked 10 questions. Politics is the theme, apart from news and current affairs. Likewise, in sports and technology, they can ask questions, and you can answer. Equal prize money will be awarded to each winner. If you invite friends, you can win extra lives.

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18). Qureka

Qureka is a live quiz game where a new quiz goes live every hour, which will increase your chances of earning. You can play 25 quizzes in one day, so there are lots of opportunities to earn Paytm Cash.

Also, for learners, this is a well-known Paytm earning games app where you can go for the GK quiz, Maths quiz, and other subject quizzes to help you get prepared for the exams.

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19). BaaziNow

BaaziNow is a fun quiz app that can be used to play online and win money every day. The quizzes are simple and allow you to challenge thousands of gamers in real-time.

By referring the app to your friends or family, you will get an extra life. By answering quizzes, you can earn rewards and select any topic of your choice.

Download the gaming app and play live games to get immediate cash in your PayTM and Mobikwik wallets. Additionally, you can play a free bingo live game, which makes this game a little more intriguing than usual.

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20). Ludo Ninja

If you want to play Ludo games and earn money, then you must try Ludo Ninja to earn daily Paytm cash without any investment. Ludo Ninja is one of the best Paytm money-making games. Ludo is the most popular game in India.

In this Paytm cash-earning game, multiple tournaments and leagues are held 24 hours a day, and you can join them for free. You can play 1v1 or 1v3 Ludo matches. The winner of this money-making game is selected based on the number they scored in the game.

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21). Howzat

HowZat has been launched by Junglee Games. As a fantasy sports app, it makes it easier for users to play their favourite sports, which are all real money-making games. On this app, there are over 10 million registered players. Howzat is the fastest-growing sports platform worldwide. But it is also 100% safe and legal. Howzat is easy to join in 3 steps: select the match, create your fantasy team, then take part in the competition to win money.

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The best Paytm cash-earning games are listed above; you can select a game based on your interests and also play and win Paytm cash online for free. These games really pay off in the given time period.

Many individuals all over the world are generating passive income by doing a variety of other activities, one of which is earning real money by playing games.

From the above list of the best Paytm money-making games, you can choose your favourite and start your online money-earning journey today.


How To Earn Real Money By Playing Online Games In India?

A trusted online earning app offers a variety of money-earning games. Enter the money games, deposit the entry fee, compete against a real opponent, and win the game to earn real money.

How Can I Earn Rs1,000 Daily?

Play games with higher winnings and join tournaments to earn RS1,000 per day. However, before joining in the riskier games, make sure you have the skills and experiences to play and win.

Are real money-earning games legal in India?

All of the games mentioned in this article are undoubtedly legal in India. It is still recommended that you read all the terms and conditions before getting started.

Which Is The Best Game To Earn Paytm Cash?

Paytm First Games
MPL (Mobile Premier League)
Ludo Supreme
Winzo Gold
Real cash games

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