25 Best Items To Resell In 2023

Do you know which items can be resold for a profit? There are many items you own in your garage or closet that you can purchase cheaply and sell expensively to earn extra cash.

If you’re looking for a side business to make a little extra cash to pad your pockets, you have a lot of options. Solopreneur tools can assist you in making money from home.

You can earn as much money by working from the comfort of your home. And one way to do that is to purchase products at a discount and sell them for a profit online.

It’s becoming more popular among those who are looking to earn some extra money.

In fact, many people are making excellent incomes by selling items they find at lower prices.

So, it can be a full-time business or a side hustle.

25 Best Items to Resell in 2023


Books are a quick and easy way to start selling. It has a very low barrier, and little knowledge is required. You could check out yard sales, thrift stores, and library sales to find books to sell.

If you find first editions of books or put together book sets, you can increase your profit. It is not a requirement, simply a recommendation. For example, the Harry Potter series is a timeless series that will always be popular.


A big opportunity that many people miss is reselling tickets online for profit. It is one of the most effective side hustle ideas on the internet! Reselling tickets is quick, easy, and predictable. Most beginners who start can flip a $500 investment into $800–$1,200 within the first month.

With just a little research, you can learn which tickets are going to sell out so that you can purchase them in advance and flip them for a profit. One of the best features of this flipping business is that it is fully online.

There is no need to store stuff in your house or apartment; you simply need to download your PDF tickets and, after that, upload and list them for sale.

So that’s why its one of the most popular side hustle ideas. The hotter the event, the more money you can make!

Antique Items

There is something about antiques that makes people highly appealing and attractive. Perhaps it’s the fact that antique items nowadays are no longer manufactured, and this allure has people mesmerised. There is certainly something nostalgic about antique items.

Either way, many antiques—regardless of the type of item they are—tend to be valuable, so you can make decent profits if you’re able to find vintage items at garage sales or thrift shops.


Flipping furniture is a very popular side hustle. There are always people moving as well as people wanting to redesign or downsize their space. In these cases, people are usually ready to sell, which means the possibility of purchasing at a low price.

Whether it’s wood, upholstered, or outdoor furniture, usually you can find someone selling it and someone looking to buy it.

Also, high-quality used wood furniture has a long lifespan and great potential. Many times, people don’t want to bother putting in the elbow grease it takes to make old furniture look new. With some work, you can increase the value of flipped furniture to make a profit.

Sports and exercise equipment

Another category to be on the lookout for is sports equipment.

Bulky items such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and home gyms can actually be resold for pretty good prices. And because they take up so much space, sellers are usually happy just to get rid of them.

Well-maintained bikes, golf clubs, skis, and even hockey equipment are worth a look since buyers might be starting a new hobby or buying for their children.


Another easy item to flip for money are toys.

New toys are expensive; therefore, parents usually find the toy they want second-hand for a slightly lower price. Vintage toys are also in high demand.

If you have the time to go treasure hunting, you can purchase toys at a significant discount at yard sales and thrift shops. Resell for a much higher price online on eBay, Craigslist, or the market place.

Power Tools

When it comes to flipping power tools, there is demand and availability. The cost of new power tools is expensive, so that makes used tools appealing to people who want to save money.

Look for branded tools, as buyers will usually search by brand name. People sell their power tools when they are done with a project, moving, or purchasing a newer model.

Picture Frames

Photo frames are perennially popular consumer items. And the more embellished, larger, and vintage frames are usually the most valuable.

When looking for picture frames to flip for a profit, look for ones that are generally in good condition. You may want to touch them up, if necessary. Moreover, look for frames that already have photos inside them because the frames themselves may be worth a pretty penny. Just remember that smaller frames will be easier to ship than larger ones.

Vintage Electronics

Vintage electronics are becoming more and more popular in the resale industry. People still want to use vintage electronics such as VCRs, cassette players, and Walkmans.

There are still a lot of people who want to get rid of them as well, so go to Facebook or eBay Marketplace and you may find various items and make a profit.

Just make sure it works before you sell it!

Collectible Jewellery

Authentic Bakelite jewellery and wonderfully crafted vintage costume jewellery from designers like Monet and Trifari are still in high demand in today’s thrift market.

The value depends on the demand, style, and quality. Also, you need to ensure that you have the real deal and not a knockoff.

You can resell jewellery in singles or groupings, depending on the level of effort you want to put into the selling process. Grouping means fewer listings, and some customers prefer to purchase in groups to reduce costs.

Brand name clothing

Everyone appreciates a popular name in the world of fashion, and many people are willing to spend top dollar for such items.

You should be able to find plenty of items with brand names on them on clearance racks and in thrift stores. While you might have to do plenty of digging to find something decent, it might be worthwhile.

And if you are able to find something that still has a tag on it,


If you can find high-quality shoes from expensive designer brands that are undervalued, purchase them and then resell them for a profit. Be aware of anything rare or unique. Another option is to buy old shoes, transform them into customised pieces, and sell them for a high price!

For example, you can style them like this stunning pair of high heels and charge more than $100 for a pair! If you’re artistic, you could even paint designs on them to increase your money.


Finding old watches and fixing them might be a great way to make some extra cash on the side. All you need to do is polish them up and add a new battery if required to bring them back on track. Just make sure that they still work before you purchase anything.


If you have the required mechanical skills, then flipping bicycles to make extra money can be a great way to make money. As summer approaches, people usually look to buy bicycles. Look for cheap bicycles throughout the winter to see what bargains you can get. Fix them up, and when summer comes, sell them for a profit!


Physical products are not the only things that you can purchase and resell for cash. Website flipping is actually a big market! Flippa is one of the most widely used platforms where you can purchase websites and resell them for profit. This can be great if you are a blogger looking to sell your website or have some previous experience when it comes to flipping websites.

Photography Gear

Photography gear is always in demand, with hobbyists and professionals alike. If you can find used photography gear at a garage sale, you will probably resell it for a good profit.

Things to look out for include:

  • Camera Lenses
  • Cameras
  • Tripods
  • Camera Bags

Designer eyeglass frames

The price of prescription glasses is high, so people usually go to eBay to find designer frames at a discount.

Your profit will depend on popularity, brand, and style. Still, selling an old pair of prescription glasses for $30–$70 isn’t a bad flip, especially if you have them laying around the house or were able to score some cheaply at a garage sale.

Stocks and Options

It has always considered stock market investing as a long-term business, but some stock traders are more active than others. Be sure to do your research and educate yourself before making any big decisions, like starting other side hustles.

Option Alpha has a huge library of free resources, and you can start a practise trading account before investing any dollars.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments in good working condition are yet another item to flip. Both adults and kids usually outgrow or abandon their hobbies.

Once they’ve moved on, you can find musical instruments at a cheap price to resell for a decent profit. In fact, one Side Hustle Nation reader started an entire eBay business flipping guitars.

Wedding Dresses

It goes without saying that wedding dresses are usually costly items. However, they can be cheap to purchase secondhand because people generally want something made to measure.

The key is to look for designer wedding dresses in slightly larger sizes so that consumers have room to have them tailored perfectly. A good used wedding dress will usually sell for up to 50% of the retail price.

House Flipping

This one needs some upfront investment, but there are great profits to be earned by flipping houses. The trick with flipping houses is buying at the right price.

Look out for houses that require an extensive renovation that might put other buyers off.

Baseball Cards

Baseball cards are one of the best items to purchase and sell for a profit. With hundreds of thousands of baseball fans across the world, they are a popular collectible.

Autographed or rare baseball cards can sell for thousands or even millions of dollars at auction.

Car Parts

Sometimes you can pick up a scrap car for as little as $50.

Sometimes, people could even pay you to take an old car off their hands! If you have some extra space available for storing used cars, you can earn good money selling them off part by part.

Usually, customers only need one specific part to repair their car. If you can take it apart and sell it separately, you can earn a good income!

Baby Items

One of the best items to resell if you’re looking for a quick turnaround and good profit potential is baby gear.

Popular items are:

  • Baby Carriers
  • Bouncy Chairs
  • Baby Walkers
  • Door Bouncers
  • Jumparoos
  • Rockers
  • High chairs

These items have a good resale value if they are in great condition. For more good deals on kids gear, check out sites like Facebook Marketplace. Look for gently used or even brand-new items that you can resell.

Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are another profitable item to flip for a profit! Find affordable vintage rugs at garage sales, yard sales, or on Marketplace to resell.

For huge profits, resell vintage rugs on eBay and Etsy!

Where to Resell Your Items

Another fantastic perk of flipping is that there are several places where you can sell your items. Here are the best places to sell items to make money.

  • Amazon

This site is vast, and they have a well-organized approach for sellers. On Amazon, you can sell a variety of items, so it is a fantastic place to get started if you are new to flipping items.

  • Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is great for finding buyers who live in your area. To get started, all you need is a Facebook account. This is a great way to start if you are pretty comfortable with Facebook; you might even find some deals for items you want to buy and resell.

  • eBay

eBay is a great place to start selling things because you can sell almost everything there, including furniture, clothes, toys, and books. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to sell your items, this is the place to be.

  • OfferUp

This is a unique and simple way to sell items. OfferUp is an app, and it’s very simple to set things up. Household items are quite popular, so you can quickly assess what you already have at home and sell some items right away.

  • Etsy

Etsy is a site that almost everyone has heard of. Although you can find many things on Etsy, it specialises in crafty and unique items like jewellery, clothes, art, and home decor. It’s a fantastic place for selling original items.


There are many factors involved, which include the time they invest, the items they find to buy, and the time they put into posting and selling those items. It is realistic for an individual to earn anywhere from $500 to $2,500 per month in the first year of flipping items for profit.


Flipping items for profit is a fun way to earn extra money in your free time. If you find the right items to flip, you could even turn it into a full-time occupation! No matter what you decide to flip, the key to reselling for a profit is purchasing at a fair price. Make sure you always carry your phone with you while you are searching for items to buy and sell so that you may check their current market value. Before buying, it’s best to know your profit margin.

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