21 Best Freelancing Websites in India [2023]

A freelancing website is excellent for people who want to monetize their skills, those who want to maintain a WFH lifestyle, or even just those who want flexible work hours and want to build their business.

Due to factors like increased independence and a high unemployment rate, millions of people are turning to the gig economy. It has also created opportunities for those looking for services to make extra income through freelance work at a time when many people are looking for a new job.

It’s possible to work as a freelancer if you’re located nearby or in a remote location. You can find ideal clients and projects that meet your needs on a variety of websites.

Top 21 Best Freelancing Websites in India [2022]

1). Toptal

a selective platform that helps in connecting clients and freelancers; only the top 2-3% of freelancers are chosen.

Toptal focuses on hiring freelancers who have experience in programming, design, project management, and finance. Although Toptal has a higher entry barrier, it is free to use and connects high-performing freelancers with verified clients for contracts.

2). Fiverr

A platform called Fiverr connects freelancers with company owners searching for help with a variety of digital jobs, such as website design, content creation, and voice-overs.

This freelance website offers a streamlined way for business owners and freelancers to communicate with one another.

Sellers can sign up for free, post their gigs, and establish their own prices instead of placing bids. Customers can simply explore various categories to place orders in the meantime.

3). Upwork

Upwork has consistently positioned itself as the biggest freelancing market in India for freelancers searching for work. Furthermore, it is quite easy to use. As a freelancer, all you need to do is build an outstanding, professional profile that includes relevant information about your abilities and previous experiences.

Even though you may be a full-stack developer freelancing, it won’t assist you much if you list your incredible voice abilities on your profile.

4). Freelancer

Freelance work can take on a variety of aspects, from creative tasks like logo and graphic design to marketing tasks like SEO and copywriting. One of the top freelance websites to look for opportunities is Freelancer, due to the large range of specialties. Even freelancers work in foreign languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, etc.

Searching for jobs is available according to a number of criteria, including contests, skills, languages, fixed-price projects, regular hourly projects, and skills. Therefore, freelancing is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking flexible tasks, remote work, and other freelance gigs.

5). Internshala

Internshala is without a doubt one of the most well-known websites for internships in India. An extremely flexible and user-friendly interface that enables users to easily tour the options available. The requirements can be changed to fit a person’s preferences. If there are any internships available, Internshala will give a list of them.

Internshala not only helps you find internships but also a variety of training programmes at a very reasonable rate. Digital marketing, web development, ethical hacking, Python, and other programmes are among them. In fact, it features sections on creative arts, data science, architecture, and other themes.

6). Chegg India

Chegg India is an online tutoring business and job platform where firms can advertise openings for entry-level positions. Candidate applications are accepted on the website. For a variety of internships and jobs across the nation, Chegg enables firms to provide and hire qualified people. On how to manage a successful internship programme, the website offers a number of sources.

7). SolidGigs

SolidGigs conducts freelancing job listings in a different way. SolidGigs does the legwork for you instead of a traditional job board by choosing job alerts for the “best 1% of freelancing jobs on the web” and emailing them directly to subscribers.

Of course, there is a fee for the service. After the initial 30-day trial, the price increases to $19 per month. ServiceGigs promises that for the duration of your membership, your rate will remain the same. You can cancel at any time.

8). Guru

This freelance marketplace allows businesses to find contract workers from all over the world. Clients can quickly and easily acquire freelancers due to their uncomplicated hiring procedure. Despite being new, the website has 1,500,000,000,000 users already.

Since they began, more than a million jobs have been completed, and that number is rising every day. All you have to do to get started is create your profile, and you are good to go. Making a profile with them is really simple. There is a lot of competition because several profiles post jobs daily.

9). 99designs

There are many options available on 99 Designs. It is a website for freelancers specifically created to encourage interaction between designers and businesses. There are numerous design jobs available, ranging from clothing and merchandise to book covers and logo design.

You’ll be told to create a profile upon signing up and to enter your work experience. Your application will be examined by the curation team, who will then establish your designer level.

10). Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a reputable platform for professionals looking for short- and long-term projects in web design, animation, and video editing. Here, freelancers post their services, samples of their previous work, expected pay, and customer recommendations in order to secure high-quality work. The best candidate for the job is then found by prospective clients after going through these.

11). WorknHire

In India, WorknHire is an innovative freelancing platform that brings clients and freelancers under one roof. Only Indian clients are categorically served by the website. As freelancers, you may be confident that the money is secure because they even use an escrow system.

Another interesting part of WorknHire is that you can interact with customers in your area through the website. By doing so, you’ll be able to communicate with them offline and potentially score better job prospects in the future.

12). People Per Hour

Due to the availability of freelance services in a variety of fields, including social media, web development, mobile development, web design, and audio and video, this is one of the largest and most well-known freelance marketplaces.

Making connections between customers and experienced candidates is the company’s main objective. Each person you work with has been crafted by them, which makes them distinctive. As a result, they hire only the best people and provide the best work.

13). Craigslist

You can find remote jobs on Craigslist, a website for classified ads, in the job section. Because there is no security agreement for job offers on Craigslist, you have to make sure to ask for one before starting any work. On Craigslist, there are a variety of opportunities that might meet your qualifications. Try to apply for jobs that are relevant to your interests.

14). Youth4Work

One of the most well-known websites in India for freelancers to prove their worth is known as Tests. Instead of hiring a newcomer, the clients can use someone they know and trust to complete their work. By using tests to prove a candidate’s aptitude, they may trust the person they are hiring and feel confident doing so. One of the top freelance websites in India is called Youth4Work, and it represents people by giving employers a simpler way to determine a candidate’s skill level.

15). Design Hill

Employers looking for freelance designers can find them in a few different ways on Designhill. Employers can run project competitions to find creative freelancers and obtain a wide range of design ideas to select from. Alternatively, users can look for freelancers by entering a certain service into a search box at the top of the landing page.

Design contests may be very polarising. We know your pain if you gripe about crowdsourcing work on freelance websites.

16). Naukri.Com

Currently, one of India’s most well-known freelance websites, Naukri.com, offers you the chance to be hired by a reputable business for full-time, part-time, or even from home work and make a decent income. Job seekers, even those just starting their careers, are ideally suited for this site.

17). Remote Hub

One of the greatest freelance websites in India is the remote hub, where you can work remotely while pursuing a career you like. All it needs is uploading your portfolio to show the world who you really are. By following these steps, you can quickly land your dream job:

  • Post a job or buy a service.
  • Browse portfolio
  • Test with actual users.
  • Make use of the professionals by establishing connections with your community.

18). LinkedIn

One of the most professional job-hunting websites in India is LinkedIn. Additionally, it has worked with numerous foreign corporations. One can take advantage of superior communication facilities there. LinkedIn helps with network building and peer connections. Even different professional-related activities can be accessed. To help in skill development, it also offers LinkedIn Learning programmes.

LinkedIn generates higher-quality prospects when compared to other Indian websites. As a result, there is huge conflict, and applying for any job through LinkedIn requires good skills.

19). Truelancer

One of the best websites in India for getting freelance jobs is Truelancer. On the website, you can find projects in many different categories, including web design, computer programming, marketing, logo design, copywriting, and more. The procedures at Truelancer are expertly created to make sure that freelancers receive their proper portion of payment on time, and they also put out their best efforts to assure complete client satisfaction.

20). GigIndia’s Freelance Marketplace

With GigIndia, you can earn and learn from home. This marketplace for freelancers ensures quick, transparent payments while offering you worthwhile remote employment options with leading international companies. Through AI and automation technologies, all Giggers are evaluated and mapped to their assignments.

The best approaches for various outreach channels, including calls, IVRs, and SMS, are offered to gig executives during their training. These skills are industry-specific.

21). Flexjobs

Another website where you can search for freelance work is Flexjobs. The website has a fantastic layout that makes it easy for you to find the right job without facing too many distractions. There are opportunities for different types of freelancers from various backgrounds.

Starting in 2007, the main goal of this project was to develop a method that would let independent contractors locate “remote and flexible job possibilities that are normally harder and more time-consuming to find anywhere else.” Flexjobs runs on a subscription basis.


The top freelance websites in India were included in this list. Going through the marketplace rather than creating your own network is suggested if you’re just starting out as a freelancer.

Whatever your level of experience, you’ll be able to be successful as a freelancer by marketing your services, showcasing your qualifications, and determining your own rates.


Q. What Is Freelancing?

A freelancer doesn’t work for a company like an employee does. Freelancers, discussed in this section, meet directly with customers to discuss hiring terms and service rates because they are self-employed. Freelancers are usually hired as freelancers by businesses for a little time or a particular project.

Q. What are the benefits of freelancing in India?

Set your working hours.
Choose your clients.
Travel while working.
No Long Commute
Control your workload.

Q. Which Is the Biggest Freelancing Site?

With over 3 million jobs posted annually, Upwork is the largest freelancing website, making it a great place to dive in and start receiving opportunities right away. On Upwork, you can pursue a variety of freelance careers and select from short- to long-term contracts with fixed or hourly rates.

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